10 Questions All Highly Successful Leaders Must Ask Themselves

Are you really serious about maximizing the rest of the days of your life? If so, you must answer ten questions:

1. How important is it to me to maximize the rest of the days of my life?
2. Can I clearly explain my purpose?
3. Can I articulate exactly what I want to accomplish 20 years from now?
4. What is the very best organizational context for my dream?
5. What is the single best measurable indicator that I am making progress toward my dream?
6. If I could accomplish only three measurable priorities (goals reached, needs met, or problems solved) before I die, what would I accomplish?
7. What problems or needs am I uniquely qualified to solve or meet?
8. Do I have the right people on my team who can help me reach my dream?
9. Do I have a detailed strategic plan to accomplish my destiny and leave a lasting legacy?
10. Do I have someone in my life who is not impressed with my current accomplishments or status who will stretch me toward my full potential?

Can you give a crystal clear answer all these questions?

If you cannot answer these questions clearly, you could be in a mental fog.

How can you know your future when you don’t know enough about you?
—John Kelly, President of the International Wealth Builders Foundation

The Destiny Arrow—Your North Star

The North Star gives clear direction and confidence to seamen when they are being tossed at sea during a storm or confused in the mist of a foggy evening. Every leader needs a stable star to look toward because:

· Leaders can lose their sense of direction during an economic storm.
· Leaders can lose their sense of direction after they have achieved extraordinary success.
· Leaders need to avoid the drift from not having a crystal clear direction concerning the future progress of their organization.

The Destiny Arrow—Gives You Clear Direction

Have you ever known a person who didn’t have a clue concerning what he/she wanted in life, yet was highly successful? I haven’t. And I bet you haven’t either. We all need something to aim for. The Destiny Arrow is your target, showing you what to aim at.

Every leader can be classified in one of three categories:

1. No Direction = Confusion + Insecurity + No Action

2. Unclear Direction + Action = Stress + Insecurity + Fatigue + Poor Productivity

3. Clear Direction + Action = Acceleration + Confidence + Maximum Productivity

The art of turning your dreams into reality quicker and faster than you have ever imagined starts by simply getting out of the fog by becoming crystal clear about where you are going and identifying the bull’s-eye of the exact target you want to hit in the future.

Leaders of Destiny Questions

What does the picture of your future look like?

How many targets are you aiming at? Have you clearly identified your company’s bull’s-eye? If not, why not?

When are you going to get serious about identifying your targets? If not now, when?

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