Pastor, what could you accomplish if your church’s giving increased by 32-50%? Learn how one church even TRIPLED their giving in one Sunday while hosting my Living Wealthy Experience!

Dear Pastor,

Do you know that nearly 10,000 churches close their doors each YEAR? And more than 1,700 pastors are un-calling themselves from ministry every MONTH because they are grossly underpaid, underappreciated, and just plain burned out. Meanwhile, 3,500 people are leaving the Church DAILY to find a healthier balance between spirituality and success. Why?

While the Church has a lot of opinions on wealth. It seems to lack answers. The majority of Americans are $7,000 short on their annual budget. This doesn’t only hurt in the home of a single mother, a family, and our elderly. It’s flat out killing the local church. If church attendees are short financially or leaving the church entirely, the offering basket will be short, thus leaving the pastor’s bank account short and ultimately the church organization will also be short. At that point your church is done.

It may not be today or tomorrow, but you cannot sustain your church, your calling, or your community without a consistent flow of financial support.

Not Your Fault!

I’m not pointing any fingers. I was once in your shoes. I know what it’s like to operate from the wrong data. It’s the same data every failing church has been fed from the same supposed leadership and church growth conferences many have attended. It doesn’t work for everyone. Maybe the megachurch in Houston, Tulsa, or Nashville. But that’s not what my church looked like.

You see, I was a young pastor at 26 years of age. My first church was a dinky, dying church of about 20 grey-haired grandmas. I promise you, it would have been easier for me to plant a new church than to take over this one. But you know what? I began to implement just a handful of hard-learned principles and it made all the difference in our community. The entire process took less than 90 days.

Soon, Church Attendance Was
Larger Than Our City’s Population!

My name is Dr. Keith Johnson, and I empower leaders to succeed. Over the past 25 years, I have become known as an internationally acclaimed confidence coach and best-selling author. I have had the privilege of sharing the stage with experts such as John Maxwell, Daymond John, Les Brown, Sam Chand, and the late Myles Munroe. Pastors hire me to serve as a speaker, coach, and consultant on the topic of the Three Pillars of Success: Confidence, Leadership, and Wealth—as well as church growth strategy. Most supposed church consultants will never understand the plight of our local pastors and their congregations. But I’ve spoken in churches all around the world—from Japan to Nigeria, Spain to Scotland, and in US cities from Los Angeles and Detroit to DC.

“God! I don’t want to be labeled one of
those crooked prosperity preachers!”

 On December 7, 2016, I had achieved a personal health goal of 13 percent body fat. I was in the best physical shape of my entire life. That morning, I hit the gym with my personal trainer when BAM! I was suddenly in a full-blown heart attack. Doctors refer to it as the widow-maker, because this specific heart attack kills most people instantly. But somehow, I managed to drive myself to the Emergency Room at the local hospital. The doctor told me I would need a quintuple bypass and warned this operation was dangerous. There was a good chance I wouldn’t survive.

They tell you at the end of your life you don’t think about money. I did. And I was relieved. I had built enough wealth to care for my wife should the surgery not go as planned. I was proud of what I had accomplished as America’s #1 Confidence Coach and the legacy I was going to leave. I was truly a man with no regrets. I was ready to die.

Soon after surviving open-heart surgery, the presence of God was in my room. I began to sense He wasn’t through with me. I had one more message to deliver. He said, “My leaders are struggling to get the resources they need to fulfill their destiny. They are feeling the hurtful sting of their own unleashed potential and lack of financial understanding. The power of confidence and the holistic principles of wealth I have taught you will bring healing and hope to the masses.”

For years I had been avoiding teaching on finance publicly for fear of being labeled a “prosperity preacher.” But after hearing from God, with renewed confidence, I decided to take the heat of the religious establishment to bring healing to pastors and their churches.

I was so inspired by the work of Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. Most are aware of his fight for justice and equality. But toward the end of his life, Dr. King revealed that true freedom lies in economic empowerment.

It was this message that became the basis for my best-selling book Confidence for Living Wealthy.

During the launch of the book, pastors began to ask me if I would come share this message with their people. I hadn’t considered it. After all I was known as a confidence coach, not a money guy. But God was in this message. In fact, this is what happened after my first Living Wealthy Experience in South Africa.

Over 700+ New Tithers Added After Our Living Wealthy Experience!

Richard and Jimmy Crumpton
Word of Faith Christian Centre | Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Apostle B. Dwyane Hardin

The Embassy | Atlanta, GA

Pastor Chris Ugoh

The King’s Assembly | Port Harcourt, Nigeria

Bishop AJ Wright

Shiloh Family Worship Center | West Palm Beach, FL

Pastor Dale Jones

Kingdom Church | Atlanta, GA

Pastor Jason Adams

The Way Church | Livonia, MI
Saw an Increase of 50%

Pastor Nicky van der Westhuizen

NBCFC | South Africa
Saw an Increase of 33%

Bishop Donald Battle
Divine Faith Ministries International | Jonesboro, GA
Saw an Increase of over 30%

If I could do the same for you, what effect would this have on your church?

Since that first Living Wealthy Experience, I have been invited all around the world to share this message with tens of thousands of people.

Now it’s your turn. If you’re ready to unlock God’s unlimited resources for your life, your ministry, and your people, you can get started right now. Book a Living Wealthy Experience with me today.

Here is how it works. When you invite me, I will come speak at your Sunday morning service. During that time I will ask the attendees to release the Power of Ten in their lives by committing to giving 10 percent of their income back to God through your church. When they do, they will fill out a commitment card along with their first offering to seal their decision.

Then later that evening we will have a special service where I amplify your results. Our Living Wealthy Experience will give your people that exact strategy my wife and I used to pay off $180,000 of consumer debt (without filing for bankruptcy) and begin building true wealth.

This small act of obedience releases the
secret potential of supernatural abundance.

Right now you may be thinking, “We need this! How can I afford to have Dr. J come to our church?” As America’s #1 Confidence I say that’s a great attitude. Not, “I can’t afford it.” But, “How can I…?”

When you fill out the form below, my director will contact you and invite you into a conversation to see how we can make this work for you and your church. If you’re considering hosting a Living Wealthy Experience, do not hesitate to inquire below, as my schedule fills up quickly. I look forward to serving you and your church.


Dr. Keith Johnson
America’s #1 Confidence Coach
Amazon Best-Selling Author


Dr. Keith Johnson has one mission: to empower leaders to succeed. For the past 25 years, he has become known as an internationally acclaimed confidence coach, consultant, and speaker on the Three Pillars of Success: Confidence, Leadership, and Wealth. Dr. Johnson is also a church growth strategist serving as Chancellor of Destiny College International.

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