“Dr. Keith Johnson has truly developed a life changing program that will teach you how to transform the way you think, see, and talk about yourself. I believe every person should read and apply the principles outlined in this book. Your confidence will soar to new heights after reading this book. I highly recommend it.”

“Keith Johnson is a certified coach, trainer and speaker for the John Maxwell Team. Confidence in oneself is the cornerstone of leadership. It is difficult for those who do not believe in themselves to have much faith in anyone else. Self-confidence brings confidence in others”

“Leadership is the key! The success of your church, your business, your ministry and your family is dependent on the quality of leadership in each. In his insightful and powerful book, The LQSolution, Keith Johnson provides a comprehensive look at the vital need for leadership and practical ways to become a more effective leader. Read this book thoroughly and with much consideration – your own leadership will determine your legacy.”

“…This book and consulting program are vital tools for leaders who want to develop a compelling strategic plan for the future. If you are serious about turning your dreams into reality—read and study this book.”

“I have spoken on platforms with some of the greatest speakers of our day–guys like Zig Ziglar, T. Harv Eckerd, and Donald Trump just to name a few. When I listened to Keith Johnson speak, I knew I was hearing a master success and leadership motivator. I can see why people refer to him as America’s #1 Confidence Coach–and now I do too.”

“Dr. Keith Johnson knows how to ‘WOW’ the audience. People enthusiastically jump to their feet and cheer when he finishes his speach. He is definitely the world’s greatest speaker on the subject of confidence building and peak performance. If you want to quickly change the lives of your team and double the size of your organization….you need to have this guy speak to your organization.”

“Keith Johnson is one of the few professionals I know who has the ability to walk in two realms at one time–he is both spiritual and grounded. His message inspires me to attain the full potential of who I am as a believer, yet his insights are practical and incisive. Like a jeweler, he can see multiple facets of a person or organization, and knows how to polish the gem so that it shines brightly. I strongly recommend him to those who are committed to the quest of actualizing their full capacity as individuals and teams.”

“If you are looking for constructive feedback to help define the future of your organization, Dr. Keith Johnson is a valuable asset. His leadership, sales, marketing, and branding insights will move your team to the next level and beyond!”

“We are so grateful to God for sending Dr. Keith Johnson our way. There is no doubt this was God’s plan. Thank you for being the “Confidence Coach” and helping me and our congregation step more securely toward our dream. This is only the beginning of a meaningful relationship together.”

“You are the best we have ever had. The people so connected with you. And, you don’t talk down to the people but uplift them. Your LQ presentation and leadership training is the best.”

“We have conducted over 110 lunch seminars for business men and women in our city. We have had some of the top speakers in the business industry and Dr. Keith rates as one of the top 5 speakers we have ever heard.”

“Dr. Keith Johnson is ‘Mr. Confidence’ and his course mirrors the man. ‘The Confidence Factor’ will change your life, both publicly and privately. I recommend the course, the book and especially the man.”

“Dr. Keith Johnson made two presentations on the subject of Leading with Confidence at our annual international conference for educational administrators. He did a superior job. His motivational skills are fantastic. We would use him again.”

“Thank you so much for your visit to Meridian, your inspiring words, and your friendship to this community. You were embraced!! You brought hope, caring ways and a ‘way out’ to our people.”

…Dr. Keith boosted my confidence…”

“Keith Johnson was really great on my radio show! He gave me the confidence to realize that I am a Leader. Looking forward to having him on my show again.”

“Once I began to go over the pages and principles of this most needful and insightful book, I felt as though Dr. Keith was looking right into my needs. I am convinced that this book is the answer to the cry of the sincere, in pursuit of an abundant life.”

“In the arena of those gifted to equip and empower, Dr. Keith Johnson stands out as a voice filled with life-changing information.”

“The Confidence Makeover book by Dr. Keith Johnson is a “must read” for every leader, pastor, business person, and school teacher. This is worth more than a hundred dollars! What a powerful and prophetic message for leaders today.”

“Where there is confidence there is the power to achieve. If life can rob you of your confidence, it can rob you of your anointing. Dr. Keith Johnson has provided an

“Dr. Keith is one of the new emerging voices in the Body of Christ with a powerful and relevant message. I highly recommend it for everyone wanting to bring true transformation and life-change to their church!”

“I have had a lot of excellent guest speakers at my church over the years, but Dr. Keith Johnson’s message birthed a greater hunger inside all of us to get really serious about building our confidence and changing our lives.”

“Dr. Keith Johnson understands what pastors need to do to take their churches to the next level. His Church Makeover program has totally revolutionized our staff, leadership team, and our congregation.”

“I spent an entire day being coached by Dr. Johnson and I will never forget it. He is the epitome of a positive attitude. If there is such a thing as positive perpetual motion Keith is it! I remember driving home thinking I need to write a book, I need to make a CD, I need to make a DVD, I need to, and I need to! You get that kind of energy spending time with America’s Confidence Coach.”

“I am still rejoicing over the sovereign move of God we experienced at our church from your powerful message on confidence building.”

“A great leader lives inside you! Your potential for leadership simply needs keys that allow it be unlocked. Dr. Keith Johnson provides those keys to propel you into the leader you were born to be. The LQ Solution will move you from merely existing as an ordinary leader to becoming an extraordinary leader. A new level of courage will arise as you read this book. Your leadership potential will then be unleashed to powerfully impact your sphere of business or ministry. People are looking for great leaders. Embrace the principles found in the LQ Solution and become the leader you were destined to be!”

“Keith is a leader in his field. He is creative, energetic and does everything with a spirit of excellence. Keith is a writer with great insight. He is a problem solver with the unique ability to help people from many backgrounds and varried walks of life. I recommend him to you!”

“Dr. Keith Johnson’s leadership coaching program has changed my life and ministry. Elim Fellowship is running smother than ever and my church has seen remarkable financial and numerical growth because of the consulting and coaching we have received from Dr. Johnson. I would highly recommend that every pastor go through his consulting program. The investment you make will be well worth it!

“Keith Johnson has enjoyed the title of “America’s #1 Confidence Coach” for many years – and for a good reason. He not only educates, but motivates and imparts a “special something” from heaven into the lives of his listeners and students that encourages the release of their hidden potential.

I’m particularly excited about The LQ Solution because it unfolds the real roadmap to influence, impact, and increase in both the leader and the student. I offered a private (yet thunderous) applause for Dr. Johnson as I read Chapter Seven about making a ‘Not To Do List.’ Those of us who have served in leadership, I’m quite sure, wish we had all read this chapter many years ago.

Get ready for a quantum leap into a higher level of leadership as you read The LQ Solution.”

“To become a leader with longevity, you must become a leader of destiny. Most leaders have a sprint span, but true leaders have a span to finish a marathon. Dr. Keith Johnson, America’s #1 Confidence Coach gives you the education and motivation you need to be a leader who leaves a lasting legacy.”