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America’s #1 Confidence Coach

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Dr. Keith Johnson is America’s #1 Confidence Coach. Over the past 22 years, he has shared the stage with some of the most prominent speakers in the world, speaking to over 1.5 million people on nearly every continent. Dr. Johnson has worked alongside today’s most influential thought-leaders including John Maxwell, Les Brown, and Dr. Robert Schuller—as well as frequently presenting for the largest speaking tour in the United States, Get Motivated Business Seminars! Other seminar speakers include well-knowns such as Colin Powell, Damon Johns, and Terry Bradshaw.

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Dr. Johnson has also been featured on TV shows worldwide including Fox Business, ABC, NBC, CBN, TBN, and Daystar. No matter the size of your next event, Dr. Johnson is ready to deliver the transformational message of CONFIDENCE to empower your attendees to fulfill their purpose, achieve their potential, and unleash the power of possibility in their lives. If you’re interested in booking America’s #1 Confidence Coach for your business, sales team, organization, university, or church, simply complete the form to get connected now!

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“For decades, experts have attempted to tout leadership training using traditional tactics, but delivering disappointing dividends. After developing thousands of leaders (and hundreds of their teams), Dr. Johnson discovered the downfall of all the other experts and is on a mission to make it right.”

You have probably heard it said that “Everything rises and falls on LEADERSHIP.” The question to you is, “What does leadership rise and fall on?” The answer is CONFIDENCE! For more than 38 years, Dr. Keith Johnson, also known as “America’s Ultimate Expert,” according to Woman’s World magazine, has explored the subject of confidence, more than any other expert. Whether you are leading at school, home, in sales, in your career, your organization or church, nothing happens until you gain confidence.

Confidence is like a muscle—it needs to be exercised, pushed beyond its limits, and then fed the right things to truly sustain growth. For years, you may have neglected your confidence, fed it harmful things, or have flat-out starved it. Well, no more! Dr. Keith Johnson is ready to coach you on growing your confidence muscle once and for all.

Dr. Johnson has truly walked the walk—not just talked the talk. His confidence has made him a superstar in the realm of coaching people into successful businesses, ministries, relationships, and careers.

At your next event, Dr. Johnson will show you how confidence has taken him from being a failed businessman with over $180,000 in credit card debt and living in his mother-in-law’s house, to becoming an Amazon best-selling author and one of the most prominent speakers in the world today. No matter the size of your event, Dr. Johnson is honored to bring his transformational message of confidence to your stage. To get connected, simply fill out the form on the right now!

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What Les Brown, John Maxwell, and Other World-Class Leaders, Authors,
and Speakers Are Saying about Dr. Johnson:

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“Keith is the best speaker in the world on the subject of confidence!”
– Willie Jolly, Hall of Fame Speaker

Les Brown

World's #1 Motivational Speaker

“Keith Johnson is a powerful, dynamic charismatic coach and speaker who has the ability to create an unforgettable experience for audiences large and small. He has unique insights, humor, and teaches life-changing principles that will increase your confidence, and allow you to more fully live your purpose."

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“Keith is the best I have seen in twenty-five minutes at bringing about a quick mindset change in the audience…”
– Ryan Oliver, Millionaire Realestate Strategist


Leadership Expert and Best-Selling Author

"Keith Johnson is a certified coach, trainer and speaker for the John Maxwell Team. Confidence in oneself is the cornerstone of leadership. It is difficult for those who do not believe in themselves to have much faith in anyone else. Self-confidence brings confidence in others"

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“Confidence is vital for success. Dr. Keith’s message will change you and your organizations life!”
– Bob Harrison, Known as Dr. Increase


Founder of The Crystal Cathedral

"Dr. Keith Johnson has truly developed a life-changing program that will teach you how to transform the way you think, see, and talk about yourself. Confidence is the mark of a true achiever. Your confidence will soar to new heights. I highly recommend him."