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In 1975, God gave a mandate to Loren Cunningham, founder of Youth With A Mission (YWAM), and Bill Bright, founder of Campus Crusade for Christ. The mandate was to disciple nations by climbing seven mountains of society—or rather, infiltrate the seven spheres of culture that are Religion, Family, Education, Government, Business, Media, and Entertainment.

My mandate and purpose is to help leaders on their journey up their mountain to succeed by sharing the message of the Three Pillars of Success: Confidence, Leadership, and Wealth. In fact, with this teaching, I have already impacted more than one million leaders worldwide, and that number increases each and every month.

If you’ve been a friend of mine for any length of time, you are familiar with my public ministry, but there is much more to our ministry than first meets the eye. For example:

Destiny College International (DCI)

Last year marked 5 new campus openings of DCI. There are now 26 campuses globally with the mission to open a campus in every country.

We also had the honor of graduating 325 students in South Africa, many of whom were trained for ministry through gifted scholarships.

Pastoral Coaching

The greatest honor of my life is investing in local pastors. I work with many megachurch pastors and smaller church pastor’s alike.

In fact, much of what we do funds the investment of resources into smaller churches.

This year we gifted tens of thousands of dollars into local churches.

Power of Ten

As a coach, one problem I’ve seen in the church is a lack of resources. This very issue motivated me to write PoTENtial: The Secret Power of Ten.

We’ve distributed 300 copies of this booklet to local pastors which offers a biblical perspective of the tithe.

Today, thousands of copies have been purchased by pastors who gift copies to givers in their churches—and the results include increases of 32% – 50% more tithers!

Living Wealthy Tour

The Living Wealthy Tour is a live experience teaching churches how to grow in Kingdom wealth for their good and God’s glory.

The Tour was hosted in 13 countries including Nigeria, South Africa, Indonesia, Spain, and Scotland.

The tour isn’t slowing down as new invitations are received every month.

International Conferences

Conferences are a powerful way to reach multiple nations at once. I spoke at conferences including the International Coalition of Apostles (ICAL) with Apostle John P. Kelly; 12 Days of Glory at COZA Global; and Project Barnabas in Malaysia.

God has moved on the message of PoTENtial in a powerful way.

Business Conferences

It is our belief that the greatest evangelism tool in the world today is success.

That’s why we selected a number of secular business conferences to share the Gospel of the Kingdom.

Marriage Seminars

My wife, Bonnie, and I have created a new curriculum called The Confident Couple.

This marriage seminar is based on ground-breaking principles unlike the church has ever seen before.

It is truly a remarkable and unique experience that has delivered lasting breakthrough for marriages.

Prison Missions

We have developed a teaching to take to prison system inmates. We believe there is redemptive power in the message of confidence.

As we share a new identity in Christ with those who are incarcerated, we believe their destinies will be changed for eternity.

When you commit to giving faithfully each month, you will receive…

1. The Kingdom Economic Report. You will receive a monthly email progress report on the Three Pillars and principles affecting people and churches nationwide and worldwide.

2. Inner Circle of Partners Membership. You are invited to join our closed Facebook group for exclusive teaching and Q & A sessions.

3. Champions Code. An exclusive, unreleased book on the mindset it takes to unlock your full potential.

4. Champions Affirmations. This audio accompanies the Champions Code book. This daily affirmation is the exact script used to reprogram my mind to go from living in my mother-in-law’s spare bedroom to living the life of our dreams.

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Dr. Keith Johnson
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