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  • Financial Fast Track

    Feel like you’re stuck, struggling, and stressed financially?

    You have been led to believe that you’re climbing the ladder of success. The truth is, you’re on the never-ending hamster wheel.

    Now more than ever, money is attracted to speed. The slow-and-steady financial philosophies of the late twentieth century are nothing more than dust on your review mirror.

    Financial Fast Track proves that the only way to succeed today is to build wealth fast!

  • Confidence Manifesto Book

    Confidence Manifesto—A 30-Day Guide to Boosting Your Confidence and Unleashing Your Potential

    If you were more CONFIDENT, how would your life be different? Would you: Earn more money? Have better friends? Own the home of your dreams? Open that business you’ve thought about? Make a bigger difference?

    When ACTIVATED, confidence is hard at work moving you closer to the YOU you’ve always wanted to be. If confidence isn’t working for you, FEAR, UNCERTAINTY, and DOUBT are working against you undermining your true potential.d

    Start your 30-day journey into a more confident you!

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  • Confidence Manifesto 30-Day Journal

    Designing your life for maximum success is a personal journey. But did you know you contain all of the solutions inside of you? This 30-day journal won’t give you all the answers, BUT will ask you all the right questions you must explore in order to change your life. This is a day-by-day, step-by-step coaching process that helps you: identify and let go of your childhood hurts; discover who you really are; recover your dreams and purpose; and achieve more than you’ve ever imagined.

    Are you ready to live the life you’ve always wanted?

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  • Confidence for Living Wealthy Book

    Are you ready to MAXIMIZE your potential in LIFE?

    Do you feel called to lead a family, ministry, organization, or business—yet you feel bankrupt of time, support, and resources?

    Attracting the necessary resources to fund your God-given vision is your greatest obstacle moving forward. Without the right shift in mindset and the right plan of action, you may feel stuck. Guess what? You’re not! You simply lack Wealth Intelligence (WQ).

    Maybe you’ve read all the books, attended all the seminars and listened to all the gurus. But the answer isn’t in learning a new key. You’re missing the ENTIRE combination!

    If you are ready to unlock and access the unlimited resources God has for you, Confidence for Living Wealthy is your first step forward.

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  • PoTENtial

    Do you know nearly 10,000 churches close their doors each year? More than 1,700 pastors are un-calling themselves from ministry every month because they are grossly underpaid, underappreciated, and just plain burned out.

    That is why I wrote the book, PoTENtial: The Secret Power of Ten.

    What do John D. Rockefeller, Henry Ford, Oprah Winfrey, Kim Kardashian, TD Jakes, and Billy Graham all have in common? They were practitioners of the Secret Power of Ten. Since the dawn of creation, God has hidden miracles inside of principles. But only one has been the key to wealth and wisdom for saints and sinners alike. This book takes believers on a journey to discover a Kingdom principle that could change the course of their destiny and the destiny of your church. How? When resources increase, churches can better care for their pastor financially. They can fulfill their potential as an organization. And ultimately, fully participate in the Great Commission.

    Three Steps to Increase Giving!

    Step 1) Read this short book. Inside you’ll see a unique perspective on the Power of Ten, or tithing. It will be an encouragement to you as a pastor and an inspiration to your people. This makes a great gift for first-time visitors too. Receive special bulk-order pricing at

    Step 2) We’ve created a sermon series for you to share with your people. Simply head to and download the FREE sermon bundle.

    Step 3) Consider hosting what we call our Living Wealthy Experience. This is a weekend where I come and share the story of how my wife and I went from $180,000 in credit card debt and living in my mother-in-law’s spare bedroom to becoming a multi-million-dollar producer and living the life we used to only dream of. I close that weekend out sharing the Power of Ten and having your people commit to tithing to your church. It is a powerful, transformational weekend for you and your church. Find out what other leaders have said about their experience.

    If I can serve you in any way, please reach out to me!


    Dr. Keith Johnson
    America’s #1 Confidence Coach
    Amazon Best-Selling Author

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  • What You Call a Crisis, God Calls a Classroom Book

    Have you ever noticed there seems to be one constant in life? CRISIS!

    No matter your age, it may seem as if you’re either coming OUT of a crisis, in the MIDDLE of a crisis, or HEADED for a crisis. What will you do when a crisis shows up on your doorstep?

    These times are when true LEADERS emerge on the scene. In every generation a leader must come forth to meet the needs of the hour. Whether this is your greatest hour or your biggest nightmare is up to you.

    What You Call a Crisis, God Calls a Classroom is the motivation you need to face every personal or organizational crisis, overcome each one, and turn it into the greatest season of success in your life.

    Get prepared to turn your crisis into a classroom today.

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  • The LQ Solution Book

    If you were a better LEADER would you have more IMPACT, INFLUENCE, and INCREASE?

    Fact: Only 20% of individuals ever achieve their full POTENTIAL.

    Question: What is the difference-maker between those who reach their potential and those who feel like they should be further along in life? Answer: They’ve increased their Leadership Quotient (LQ). If you can lead yourself and others well, there is nothing you can’t ACCOMPLISH for yourself, your family, your business, organization, or church.

    Get on the fast track to leadership SUCCESS. Increase your LQ today.

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  • Champion’s Code

    Every champion knows a battle is either won or lost before it is ever fought.
    It begins with the mind.
    You are about to discover the daily process to transform your inner-self into the confident champion God has destined you to become.
    Champions have mastered the winning mindset because they know this—a thought becomes a belief, belief produces emotion, and emotions become the catalyst for our behaviors, win or lose.
    Are you ready? Let’s begin the process of building the champion in you.

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  • FUD of DUD

    DUD, FUD, FUN!
    Our tale is spun
    Of two small kids
    Who made a run.

    Their place was DUD
    Where things were bad,
    So toward FUN
    They ran like mad.

    But in between
    There was a stream,
    And in its mud
    Lay monster FUD.

    A tremendous tale about how to overcome!

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Confidence is the catalyst to creating the results you want in life.

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