“Confidence is the bridge between where you are and where you want to go. Don’t be casual about your
confidence or you will become a casualty on the road to your destiny.” – Dr. Keith Johnson

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Who Wants to Break into the $100 Billion Coaching and Consulting Industry?

As America’s #1 Confidence Coach, I am pulling back the curtain for an exclusive behind-the-scenes look into my successful business and revealing how you can quickly launch a six-figure empire from home with very little overhead.

According to the US Department of Labor Statistics, our industry DOUBLED every 24 months over the past decade and is now on track by another 83 percent by 2018. So, if you’ve ever wanted to:

  • Become a successful life, leadership, church growth, or business coach
  • Generate a 6-figure income or add an additional stream of income to your bank account
  • Learn how to become a published author
  • Crack the code to becoming an Amazon best-selling author
  • Deliver dynamic speaches in front of large crowds
  • Be interviewed on dozens of television shows, radio programs, and popular publications
  • Make a HUGE difference in the lives of others…now is the time!

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Be Mentored by the Best… America’s #1 Confidence Coach, Dr. Keith Johnson

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Now is the time for YOUR dream to come true as a dynamic life, leadership, church growth, and business coach!

Because business is booming at Keith Johnson International, I cannot possibly handle all the requests my coaching business demands (a great problem to have). Consequently, I am looking for a few special people – like you – to mentor and possibly send our clients to in the future. As you gain step-by-step confidence and competence through our Life Coaching Certification Academy, you can start or grow your own successful coaching business.

Don’t worry, this is a paint-by-numbers type of learning where I hold your hand every step of the way to ensure you have the necessary tools you need to launch your own successful coaching and consulting practice.

There’s never been a better time to start or grow your coaching business!

I will personally mentor 21 hungry people…feeding them all my proven-successful principles and expertise that will make a huge impact in their lives and the lives of many others. Are you hungry for success? Will you take the first step to success?

Because I need help soon, I’m offering this opportunity to only a select few. To separate the movers and shakers, like you, from the tire-kickers, I ask you to please complete the form above so you can receive more information about this incredible opportunity to join my exclusive inner-circle of world-class coaches.

You will also receive my new video series 3 Mistakes Most New Coaches Make and How to Avoid Them. Others will have paid $97 for access to this series, but it is yours FREE if you sign up now!

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