“Confidence is the bridge between where you are and where you want to go. Don’t be casual about your
confidence or you will become a casualty on the road to your destiny.” – Dr. Keith Johnson


Bachelor of Biblical Studies

The Bachelor of Bible Studies degree program is designed to help each student grow and to have a firmer foundation in the Word of God and their faith.  It teaches basic principles that can be applied in the church or in everyday life.  This program is the beginning to stepping into the greatness that God has called you to.  Each student will receive powerful training from many of the top authors and ministers of this decade.

Master of Leadership

The Masters of Christian Leadership degree program is designed to help each student become an effective leader for the 21stcentury.  In this track, the student will read and study some of the most cutting edge leaders/authors of our generation and write a 150 page dissertation on leadership.

The program will focus on 3 key areas of Leadership you will need to succeed:  Confidence, Competence, and Character.


  • Dreams to the Test by Dr. John Maxwell
  • The Confidence Solution by Dr. Keith Johnson
  • Leading With Confidence by Dr. Keith Johnson


  • Ladder Builders by Dr. Samuel R. Chand
  • Stones and Mortar by Dr. John P. Kelly
  • Leading In Crisis Times by Dr. Keith Johnson
  • Excellence Driven for Success by Dr. Vivian P. Rodgers
  • The LQ Solution by Dr. Keith Johnson


  • Everyone Communicates, Few Connect by Dr. John C. Maxwell
  • Bobb Biehl’s Leadership Class by Bobb Biehl
  • The Art of Turning Dreams into Reality by Dr. Keith Johnson

Doctorate Degree

All Doctoral level programs are individually designed for qualified individuals who want an in-depth study of a particular area. Destiny College International offers several degree tracks at the Doctoral level.

The Following Doctoral Degrees are Available:

First-Level Doctoral Degrees

  • Doctor of Ministry (D. Min.)

Second-Level Doctoral Degrees

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Theology (Ph.D.)

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