How To Learn Leadership Skills – Develop Leadership Skills

Leaders are master e-tank fillers. The e-tank, or the emotional tank, is like a gas tank. When the tank is full, you drive with confidence. Your team’s emotions are also like that; if their e-tanks are full, they will perform with confidence and energy to get the job done. However, if their e-tanks are drained, morale drops through the floor, passivity sets in, and productivity starts declining. Then you scratch your head and wonder why your organization is plateauing or in decline. A leader understands how to empower people so their e-tanks stay full. To empower people, you need to understand people. Empowerment creates momentum. When you have momentum, you look better than you really are. Without momentum, you look worse than you really are.


Empowerment With Leadership Skills Mean: • Seeing the potential of an individual. • Saying encouraging, empowering words to the person. • Sharing your power and position and influence with the person. • Showing others your belief in and power given to that person. In the church we know a lot about doctrines. We have heard a multitude of teachings and sermons. I jokingly say, “Some of us have heard so many sermons, we are sermon possessed.” We study the Bible to learn about God. However, leading an organization is more about your people skills than your great sermons or spirituality. If you desire to be a leader, you must understand what makes people tick—their psyche. Psychology is simply the study of human behavior based on how people think. Church members often know much more about the vertical relationship with God than the horizontal relationship with others. Don’t simply build spiritual disciplines, biblical knowledge, and understanding about God; you must also cultivate relational skills with people. Many people would like to stay locked up in their closet and have their “talk with Jesus,” but they don’t want to hang out in the coffee room and relate to others. As Charlie Brown says in Classic Peanuts, “I love humanity. It’s people I can’t stand.”

Learn Your Ability To Develop Better Leadership Skills

LQ Solution: Your ability to develop better leadership skills at connecting and developing relationships is the accelerator to help take you to where you need to go. Do not buy in to the potential-destroying philosophy that you and God alone can do something big in the earth. If it is only you and God, you will only achieve a fraction of your potential. I can fail all by myself. I need a team of people around me to keep me on track. Build a team of people around you who will help get you to where you need to go. Understanding people and developing people skills is the key to reaching where you need to be and becoming a better leader by empowering others. People are our most appreciable assets. The more you invest into other people’s lives, the more return you receive. You can invest in megasize church buildings, multimillion dollar sound systems, laser beam lights, and coffee shops, which will all depreciate or break down in time. But when you invest your wisdom, time, and love into others, people appreciate, and they will eventually bring you a great reward. You can take my factories, burn up my buildings, but give me my people and I’ll build the business right back up again. –Henry Ford A person’s most important asset is people skills. Success is 87 percent people knowledge and 13 percent product knowledge. LQ Solution: You can have people skills and not be a have good leadership skills, but you cannot be a good leader without people skills. Understanding people is the LQ ability to discern why people do what they do, to know what people need, why they need it, and what you can do to empower others so that you will be seen as a leader. Ready for the next video? Click Right Here to see our next video in this series. Now that you learned how to develop some leadership skills please leave us a comment with how this has helped you.