What is LQ? LQ is the study of your personal leadership quotient, which brings men and women to the maximum of their God-given potential!

Leadership Quotient Definition

Leadership Quotient (LQ) is a composite measure of a person’s leadership skills that positively influences people to join that person in achieving desired outcomes that benefit others. Research has shown that maximizing human potential is a primary factor influencing the health, wealth, and growth of every person, business, church, nonprofit organization, and nation. Therefore, every organization benefits greatly when the LQ of each person in the organization is increased.

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LQ Potential Is Within Each Person!

(Even if you don’t think so.) Every human being on the planet has the potential to become a leader; most people do not have the confidence and courage, however, to cultivate their LQ. I’ve heard people described as “born leaders.” But I must disagree. There are too many examples in history of ordinary people who developed into great leaders by the force of the need at hand—and everyone has that ability. You would be surprised what you could do if there was simply a demand placed on your inner leadership potential. It’s quite possible, a 90 percent chance in my own personal findings, you don’t want to be a leader or you have not considered yourself a leader of any kind. Whether or not you have viewed yourself as a leader, you will be surprised to learn just how many ways you are already a leader, especially to those close to you.

Leaders That Don’t Know They Are Leaders

LQ Solution: Sociologists tell us that even the most introverted individual will influence ten thousand other people during his or her lifetime. You will also be surprised by the fact that many people whom you consider to be powerful and influential leaders never wanted to be leaders, and even to this day do not see themselves as leaders. I know. I have coached and consulted privately with many of these people, some of whom you will read about later in this book. Leadership in its basic form is simply your ability to influence and inspire people in a positive way. Do you influence people around you in a positive way? Do you inspire and encourage people? If so, you have already been using your Leadership Quotient. You do not have to be the president of a billion dollar corporation, the president of a country, or the pastor of a mega church to be a leader. Start with your family, friends, church, school, or workplace. You can become a successful, trusted leader right where you are at the moment. Learning how to expose, develop, and then use your LQ is an exciting life process, and I am excited to help you begin the journey! Our next educational leadership video is How To Be An Effective Leader. If you have gained something from this post please be sure to share it in a comment.