Learn Leadership Skills and How To Become Successful

In the last video, I was really honest with you about my own personal challenges of seeing myself as a leader. Initially I didn’t see myself as a leader, therefore, I didn’t experience the influence, impact, and increase that I really wanted in life and in my ministry.

How To Stay Motivated To Become A Success

Remember: You are motivated to become the picture of how you see yourself. What is see-able is believable. What is believable is possible. It is not who you think you are that is stopping you, it is who you think you are not. After reviewing this video what are your thoughts on God’s plan for you and remember he wants you to be the head and not the tail. We are all meant to be leaders, but we need to follow God’s plan for us and go up the ladder and develop our leadership skills that are necessary for us to lead successful. Once we make it to a leader God doesn’t want us to stop there he wants us to keep moving and become a patriarch. From there we move from success to significance and it becomes about helping others to the top with you. Use the ladder to find out where you are at in life. Are you a follower, leader or patriarch? Take the time to really think this though and figure out exactly where you are at because this will help lay the foundation for you as I help you move forward with your life’s leadership skills. Action Step: Where are you on the leadership mountain? What is your next step to move up to the next level? How important is it for you to become everything God wants you to become? Check out the Next Video Here! in this series that is sure to get your motivated.