“Confidence is the bridge between where you are and where you want to go. Don’t be casual about your
confidence or you will become a casualty on the road to your destiny.” – Dr. Keith Johnson

Life Coaching Certification Journey

Your Journey to Greatness as a Professional Coach, Dynamic Speaker, and Best-Selling Author Starts Here

Life Coaching Certification Academy reflects International Coach Federation (ICF) competencies that equip you with internationally accepted coaching skills.

Module 1 – Certified Life Coach (CC)

Online 30-Day Confidence Experience 

Confidence Book

  – Confidence Journal
  – Myths to Personal Transformation
  – Ten Habits of Highly Confident People
  – Top Ten Confidence Robbers

Foundational Principles of International Coaching

  – Coaching for Results
  – Types of Coaching
  – The Five-Step Coaching Process
  – Ten Mistakes New Coaches Make
  – 5 Things I Learned About People
  – Coaching Skills Triangle
  – Preparing For An Outstanding Coaching Experience
  – Essentials For Starting Your Business
  – Top Ten Marketing Tips
  – Two No-Cost Quick Ways to Get Your First Client
  – Writing Your Sales Copy for Website and Marketing
  – Thirty Coaching Improvement Questions
  – How to Build Your Lead List

Coaches’ Code of Ethics (ICF Standards)

Coaches’ Practices (ICF Standards)

Module 2 – Certified Leadership Coach (Life, Business, and Church) (CLC)

LQ Solution—Influence, Impact, and Increase Experience

  – The LQ SolutionBook
  – The 6 A’s of Leadership
  – Learn the L.E.A.D.E.R.S.H.I.P Acronym
  – Strategies for The LQ Profile Assessment Test
  – Strategy for The 360 LQ Assessment Test

Leaders of Destiny—The Art of Turning Dreams into Reality

  – Leaders of DestinyBook
  – Leaders of Destiny vs. Leaders of History
  – Planning for Success—God’s Way
  – The CSP
  – Leaders of Destiny Workbook
  – Destiny Arrow 14-Step Strategic Planning Process
  – How to use the LOD Consulting System

Becoming an Expert

  – The Experts Formula
  – 4 P’s of Building Your Platform
  – 12 Positioning Tools
  – 5 C’s For Blogging
  – 4 R’s of Building a Successful Speaking Engagement
  – 3 E’s of Networking
  – Call, Send, Call Marketing Strategy
  – From Public Speaker to Paid Speaker
  – Dynamic Communication – Connecting with Your Audience
  – Administration 101

Church Growth Learning Tools

  – Healthy Church – Growing Church
  – #1 Hindrance to Church Growth
  – Change Management Strategies
  – The Three Circles
  – Functional Organizational Charts
  – The Ministry Funnel
  – Senior Pastor Transformation Process
  – Five Kinds of People In Every Church
  – Building a Dream Team
  – Growing Contemporary Churches

Five-Day Intensive with America’s #1 Confidence Coach

Module 1 & 2 Investment – $2,497

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Module 3 – Master Certified Coach (MCC)

Leading in Crisis Times—The Art of Turning Setbacks into Comebacks

The Confidence Solution—Reinvent Yourself, Explode Your Business, Skyrocket Your Income Intensive 

  – The Confidence SolutionBook
  – 14 Coaching Triangles for Transformation & Success
  – Confidence Assessment Test

Confidence for Business Success – Sharpening Your Edge

  – Defining Business Terms
  – First Step to Success—Knowing the Numbers
  – The Five Growth Indicators
  – Marketing 101
  – Lead Generation
  – Discover Your USP 
  – Buying Clients
  – Conversion Rates
  – Increasing Margins
  – Profit to 69%
  – Assessment: People | Process | Product

Five-Day Business Coaching Camp with America’s #1 Confidence Coach

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