Confidence Robber #3

Confidence Robber #3 — Criticism Your confidence is destroyed in the atmosphere of criticism. However, your potential is significantly increased through encouragement. Let me give you a practical example. Take a moment to remember how you taught your first child to walk (or watched someone do so). Close your eyes and remember that first time you got down on your knees, extended your arms, and encouraged your child to take the first step. You had that winning smile and your face was radiant, expectant, and full of excitement. Now, do you remember some of the words that you used in helping your baby take those first steps? Did they sound something like, “Come to Mamma! Come to Daddy! Come on! Go ahead! You can do it! I know you can! You’re a big boy/girl now! You can do it!” What happened when your baby took those first two little steps and fell? What did you do? Did you lecture the baby? Did you start yelling at your baby saying what a loser he or she was? Of course not! You picked up the baby and gave your baby a great big hug and kiss. Then you told your child “It’s okay, you will do better next time.” Did you play the critic or the coach? The Coach…Right! You encouraged the baby to try and try again. How many times did you let your baby try to walk? You gave your child as many chances as necessary until there was success. The atmosphere of encouragement produces the confidence and energy to get up and try again.

I have yet to find the man, however exalted his station, who did not do better work and put forth greater effort under a spirit of approval than under a spirit of criticism. — Charles Schwab, industrialist

Remember… If you are a leader, you will be criticized about how you lead. If you are a speaker, your message will be criticized by your audience. If you have breath in your body, you will be criticized by somebody for something. Criticism is the gargoyle of a non-achiever. Never play the role of the critic, but decide to play the role of a coach. Critics condemn, bring discouragement, and hurt people. Coaches clarify and bring neccessary feedback that will encourage you for greater achievement, transformation, and success. the_top_ten_confidence_robbers2   Download your copy of the Top 10 Confidence Robbers You can become a certified life, leadership, church growth, and business coach at our Life Coaching Certification Academy.