“Confidence is the bridge between where you are and where you want to go. Don’t be casual about your
confidence or you will become a casualty on the road to your destiny.” – Dr. Keith Johnson

The LQ Solution

Do you feel like you should be much further along in life by now?


Fact: Only 20% of individuals achieve their true potential.
Fact: YOU can be one of the 20% and achieve your true potential.
Fact: Capitalizing on your inner strength is a matter of choice.
Fact: NOW is the right time for YOU to be reading this book!

Christian leadership seminar

Unleashed POTENTIAL causes pain in the human heart. 

Do you envision yourself achieving more, doing more, having more, and helping more people? The only thing stopping you from manifesting the reality of your full potential is your understanding of how to increase your Leadership Quotient! 

Increasing your leadership quotient will help you:  

* Discover the reality of your real potential for greatness
* Experience growth on a personal, professional, and spiritual level
* Develop your “stop doing list” to increase your productivity
* Build a road map to achieve your dreams
* Advance your personal and professional life
* Skyrocket your income


LQ measures your ability to positively impact others to achieve your goals, vision, and mission. The LQ Solution helps you destroy mind-sets that hinder you from living a life of success, significance, and Kingdom impact. While your IQ and EQ (Intelligence and Emotional Quotients) contribute to your maximum potential, your LQ determines how much of that God-given potential you actually put to use in your day-to-day activities.

GOOD NEWS! You Can Improve Your LQ! 

Leadership Tools


Discover how to: 

* Awaken the leader within you.
* Unlearn what you have been taught about leadership rooted in cliches and “feel good” motivational hype.
* Measure your personal LQ score and plot your progress.
* Increase your personal LQ in as little as thirty days.
* Develop a Stop Doing list for the greater personal productivity.
* Increase your personal influence and income.
* Apply LQ Solutions and techniques to personally move from struggle to success to significance.

BUY THE BOOK $19.97 

The LQ Solution Book Reviews

“Keith Johnson’s LQ Solution breaks new and fresh ground for Christian leaders–clergy and laity alike. It’s a must for personal study and group equipping throughout churches, ministries, and the marketplace. Rooted in biblical truth and contemporary application, this book will increase a leader’s confidence, influence and impact not just within the church but also within the surrounding culture. Buy it. Read it. Study it. Do it!”

Dr. Larry Keefauver 
Bestselling Author and International Teacher

“Your LQ is a significant and primary predictor of the size of your influence, impact, and income.

This book is the ultimate guide to help you grow your Leadership Quotient for greater impact and influence!”

–Dennis Worden
Former Vice President for Injoy Life Club with John Maxwell

About the Author 

Keith Johnson, Ph.D., is founder of Keith Johnson International , an international organization that provides solutions for leaders who want to maximize their potential and effectiveness. For the past fifteen years he has spoken throughout the Untied States and worldwide including Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Africa, India, Spain, the Bahamas, and Canada. He is the best-selling author, television personality, and a church/business growth strategist.


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