“Confidence is the bridge between where you are and where you want to go. Don’t be casual about your
confidence or you will become a casualty on the road to your destiny.” – Dr. Keith Johnson


Get Coached by America’s #1 Confidence Coach Keith Johnson

Every great athlete needs a coach—and so do you!

Many successful leaders spend a lot of time coaching and consulting others within their organizations, but many times being “top dog” can be a lonely place. The million dollar questions: Who coaches the coach? Who coaches the senior pastor? Who coaches the CEO? Who coaches the business owner? Who coaches the leaders of any organization?

As a leader, ask yourself: Do I have someone in my life who is not impressed with my current accomplishments or status who will stretch me toward my maximum potential?

Smart leaders leverage the advantages of a personal consultant or coach.

Christian Pastor Help

Helping Pastors Turn Good Churches into Great Churches

The first church I pastored in my early twenties became larger than its surrounding community. Since then, I have been helping pastors turn good churches into great churches. In the previous 15 years, I have empowered hundreds of churches to experience exponential spiritual, numerical and financial growth, including some of the strongest churches in this nation. If you desire to take your church to the next level, the church growth resources I have developed will take you there.

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Smart leaders leverage the advantages of a personal consultant or coach.

Most life, executive, and business coaches omit the very important aspect of spirituality and making decisions according to God’s word. Dr. Keith Johnson, America’s #1 Confidence Coach, is the person you can seek counsel from to receive biblically based solutions, experienced spiritual advice, and proven leadership coaching answers.

Pastor Leadership Help

One-on-One Coaching with America’s #1 Confidence Coach

Leaders of Destiny Coaching Experience – I help Senior Pastors and executive leaders construct a crystal clear vision and a strategic plan for their organizations for the future that will enable them to grow numerically and financially. Growth, health, and success are determined by three organizational needs:

1. Speed      2. Quality     3. Results.

The Leaders of Destiny strategic planning program assists you in achieving these three needs by helping you develop the clarity, focus, and the proper execution steps necessary to give you the winning edge.

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Explode Your Business Coaching Experience – My Business COACHING program shows you how to increase your business revenues and profits based on my proven successful sales, marketing, and business management systems. I also show you how to develop your business so that you as the owner can work less and relax more.

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online pastor collage and training

Online Coaching with America’s #1 Confidence Coach

The Confidence Coaching Experience – Are you ready to create the life you desire and deserve? Join Keith Johnson as he coaching you through a 30-day transformation process that is guaranteed to boost your confidence to an all-time high so you can reinvent your life, advance your career, and skyrocket your income.

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Best-Selling Author Online Coaching Experience – Do you have a dream of writing a book and getting it published by a major publishing company? Join Keith Johnson as he teaches you the secret and proven plan he used to get Penguin Books (the second largest publisher in the world) to publish his newest book, The Confidence Solution.

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Life & Business Coach Online Certification – Do you have a passion to help people achieve their dreams? How would you like to start your own coaching business or join our team? Coaching is a growing, exciting career on the cutting-edge of personal and professional development. Business is booming at Keith Johnson International, and we are looking for people who want to earn six-plus-figure incomes.

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