Financial Success God’s Way – Millionaire Secrets to Overflowing Wealth

Financial Success God’s Way – Millionaire Secrets to Overflowing Wealth

John and Judy O’Leary 

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The great end time wealth transfer is here. Our wealth will glorify God. We will stay connected to the Great Commission, and the heathen will see our wealth and run to God.
Acceleration is achievable. One way to accelerated life is through mentorship.
There is only one way to learn: Mistakes. But if you get a mentor, you can learn from his mistakes instead of your own.
Get a mentor.
Genesis 8:22 The law of seed, time, and harvest will never cease.
Even God has to follow this law. He can’t give a harvest without first the seed and time.
The path to wealth is in seed, time, and harvest.
Simple but brilliant. It’s a law.
A law works for the sinner. It works for the saint.
God put the seed system in the middle of the 3rd day of creation, in Genesis 1:8. God gave us a system of reproduction, even before He created man. Now we can say, “Let there be!” when we sow a seed. God gave us the ability to create.
Every time we sow we mimic the victory of the cross. Jesus was sown as a seed and we are the harvest. Sowing is in our DNA.
Your life will always go in the direction that you sow.
Everything is a seed.
Don’t stand over empty soil and command a harvest.
God wants us to be able to be a blessing to others and help them solve their problems. Problem solvers are indespensable.
Have to reach down to pull others up, but also important to reach up and be pulled up.
Your seed is a photograph of what you desire. Give your seed an assignment. Name your seed.
The precious seed=sowing in tears. You will reap in joy.
Put seed in the ground with potential customers before you expect a  harvest.
Christians need to be problem solvers, not just consumers. Problem solvers are valuable to their bosses.
Another type of seed: Service.
The soil matters. Give to the poor the edges of your fields; don’t use seed for the poor. Giving to the poor is a loan to the Lord=you only get repaid. No increase. The poor are not fertile soil.
Jesus said only the fertile soil will produce a harvest. Find good soil! The soil is a covenant connector.
Miracle soil is in sowing UPWARD.
Every good and perfect gift is from above: Don’t look to man for your harvest.
Use discernment when you sow: Check the person’s fruit.
Do they want to bless you, or be blessed?
Philippians 4:17 Not that I desire your gifts; what I desire is that more be credited to your account.
Connection is powerful. God works through MAN. Promotion comes from a person in authority.
Without connection, there won’t be impartation. You might get information or revelation, but not impartation; not without a connection.
You connect to a man, not a building or ministry. The anointing is in the man. Elijah and Elisha: Elisha got Elijah’s anointing in double measure through his service to Elijah.
In order to be a kingdom millionaire, watch your associations. Connect to motivated people, not couch potatoes. It matters who you surround yourself with. Your connections will take you up or down.
Your income is tied to your 5 closest associations.

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