Wealth Talk – How God Thinks

2021 and Beyond – How God Thinks

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The Bible is God’s Success book. The Bible helps you discover how God thinks.

Thinking like God thinks is the master key to transforming your life, business, or ministry.

One look on social media and you will find all kinds of opinions. Grampa would say, “Opinions are like toilet lids…everyone has one.”

Base what you believe on what God’s word says.

I want to know what and how God thinks.

To succeed I must ALIGN my thoughts with both WHAT and HOW God thinks.

Don’t look for peoples opinions and traditions.

When my thoughts shifted…my life accelerated.

How does God think? God thinks really really Big.

Your external life is a reflection of your internal life.

How do you think in tough times? How do you think in crisis? Difficult times reveal how you really think.

The size of your thoughts for 2020 will become a reality in 2021 and beyond.

You are today where the thoughts you had 10 years ago.

20th Century Revolutionary Thought:

A man or woman can change their life by simply changing how they think.

Small thinkers are in abundance!

The disease of small thinking is a greater threat than Covid19. This disease has impacted, hurt, killed and caused more sickness in peoples lives than Covid19.

I don’t want to catch or attract the disease of small thinking in my life!!! If you think and talk small, I am going to be wearing my invisible mask on my brain that automatically rejects the SMALL virus from penetrating my mind.

Be careful who you hang around.

“Christianity is the religion of the big!” – Norman Vincent Peal

Sadly, if you look at most of Jesus followers, you would think it’s the fraternity of the small and broke.

The Bible gives you two types of exhortations: The BEHOLDS (promises) and BEWARES (warnings) of God. We tend to SCARE people from dreaming big by preaching on the BEWARES all the time.

The Bible warns us about small thinking. Remember the lesson of the 40 years in the wilderness because God’s people thought like grasshoppers.

You can tell how big a person thinks by the lifestyle they live.

What does God’s heaven look like? Total opulence.

The world is talking trillions and the church is still struggling to talk about millions. As Joe Biden would say, “Come on Man!”

It’s time to supersize your thoughts so you can maximize your influence and impact in the world.

“The reputation of a King is determined by the LIFESTYLE of its citizens.” – Dr. Myles Monroe

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