Overcoming the #1 Leadership Fear

I have learned that fear expresses itself in many ways. The most common fear is indecisiveness and the only solution to indecisiveness is clarity.

There will always be unknowns, but indecisiveness magnifies fear and doubt. However, fear and doubt magically disappear once there is firm resolve to create a strategic plan for your future irrespective of obstacles you are currently facing.

When your destiny and dreams for the future become crystal clear, you have attained unstoppable LIFE CONFIDENCE.

Writing Your Plan

Bobb Biehl introduced me to the thought of writing out all my dreams, needs I was going to meet, purpose statement, plans, goals, successes, and ideas for the future on one piece of paper. He said, “Why would you write a huge dream on a 2 inch by 2 inch post-it note; why not have a piece of paper big enough to hold all your dreams, plans, and goals?

If you are serious about strategic planning, one of Bobb Biehl’s books I highly recommend is his Masterplanning book. Inspired by Bobb’s Masterplanning leadership program, I have designed The Destiny Arrow.

Why contain the plans for your destiny on a scrap of paper? Your destiny is BIG—your strategy should be too! The Destiny Arrow measures 22 x 36 inches. This team-building exercise enables you to put your gigantic dream on a gigantic poster for all to see and run toward!

The Destiny Arrow—Hitting the Bull’s-Eye

You will notice I chose an arrow hitting a target’s bull’s-eye.

Marksmen will tell you that if you’re going to aim for a target, you should go for the bull’s-eye. That way if you miss the bull’s-eye, you’re still on target. But if all you do is aim for the target and you miss, you’re nowhere.

Don Shula, who coauthored Everyone’s a Coach with Ken Blanchard, always told his Miami Dolphins football team that the target they were aiming at was to win every game.

Was that possible? Obviously not, but if you don’t shoot for excellence, you never have a chance of getting there. That’s probably why Don Shula’s teams won more football games than any coach in the history—undefeated for an entire season. The target you aim for has a lot to do with your performance.

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