Physical Wealth Confidence

Hi, I’m Dr. Keith Johnson. Today, let’s talk about something that’s often overlooked but crucially
important – Physical Wealth Confidence. This isn’t just about being fit; it’s about harnessing your
physical well-being to drive you toward your destiny.

The Crucial Role of Physical Health in Pursuing Goals

When I was stuck in my mother-in-law’s house, I decided to take massive action. My goal was to
speak to one million people about confidence, aiming to speak 365 days a year. Though I never
quite hit that daily target, for 10 years, I was on the road speaking an average of 230 days per
year. But this rigorous schedule took a toll on my body, leading to weight gain and exhaustion.
During a tour in South Africa, my physical decline became evident. It was a wake-up call. I
realized that if I were to make it for the long haul, I needed to get my physical body in peak
shape. I made a declaration to see myself as a world-class athlete, drastically reducing my body
fat. It was a transformative journey that taught me the importance of physical fitness in achieving
and maintaining success.

Transforming Your Body, Transforming Your Life

Embarking on this journey of physical transformation was not just about losing weight or
looking good; it was about valuing myself and my body. Dr. Oz rightly says, “Low self-esteem is
the root cause of obesity.” Recognizing the value of your physical body is recognizing the temple
in which God dwells. Your body is God’s tool on earth, and to make a significant impact, you
need one key element – energy.

The Power of Energy in Achieving Success

Energy is the most crucial asset for anyone, especially leaders. The 2016 Republican primaries
and the presidential election highlighted this. Jeb Bush was labeled a “low energy guy” by
Donald Trump, which significantly affected his campaign. Similarly, Hillary Clinton’s lack of
visible energy compared to Trump’s relentless campaign was a factor in her loss. These examples
underscore the importance of physical vitality in achieving goals, whether in politics, business,
or any other field.

Utilizing Your Physiology as a Wealth-Building Tool

Your physiology, the way you use your body, directly impacts your success. It’s about more than
fitness – it’s about how you carry yourself, your posture, your expressions, and your movement.
By mastering and optimizing your physiology, you can significantly boost your energy and
confidence. This mind-body connection is powerful and can be harnessed to elevate your
performance in all aspects of life.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, Physical Wealth Confidence is about understanding and maximizing the
connection between your physical health and your ability to achieve great things. It’s about
realizing that your body is not just a vessel but a powerful tool that, when well-maintained and
cared for, can propel you towards your goals. This journey taught me that to make a lasting
impact, you need to be in your best physical shape. Your energy level, the vitality you bring to
your daily tasks, and the way you present yourself physically can make or break your path to
success. Remember, physical health is not just about the absence of disease; it’s about a state of
overall well-being. It’s a critical component of Living Wealthy, where you honor your body as
the temple of God and use it as a tool to fulfill your destiny. Let’s embrace this journey together,
challenging ourselves to reach new heights not just mentally or spiritually, but physically as well.
Your future is waiting, and it requires you – the best physical version of you – to seize it.