The Confidence Builder

For the last three years I have had the pleasure of speaking in Garden Grove, California. While I am there, I enjoy taking a tour of the magnificent Crystal Cathedral pastored by the television personality, Dr. Robert Schuller. If you are ever in the Los Angeles area I recommend that you take the tour of this magnificent facility. I always leave dreaming and thinking bigger about my future. In Pastor Schuller’s book, Move Ahead with Possibility Thinking, he tells a story about an incident that changed his life as a young boy. It occurred when his uncle became a voice of confidence in his life:

“His car drove past the unpainted barn and stopped in a cloud of summer dust at our front gate. I ran barefooted across the splintery porch and saw my uncle Henry bound out of the car. He was tall, very handsome, and terribly alive with energy. After many years overseas in China, he was visiting our Iowa farm. He ran up to the old gate and put both of his big hands on my four-year-old shoulders. He smiled widely, ruffled my uncombed hair, and said, “Well! I guess you’re Robert! I think you are going to be a preacher someday.” That night I prayed secretly, ‘And dear God, make me a preacher when I grow up!’ I believed that God made me a POSSIBILITY THINKER then and there.” Everyone wants and loves to be encouraged. However, finding a confidence-building relationship today is a scarce commodity. Do you have an uncle, coach, mentor, or anyone for that matter, who is a voice of confidence in your life? If not, I want to be that constant voice of confidence in your life.

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