The Crisis of Confidence in America

I’ve heard it said that a recession is anytime people lose confidence in the future. I agree. What is America’s economic crisis all about? Lack of confidence. Consumers lack the confidence to spend in fear of future financial collapse.

Lenders Will Not Lend Anyone Money

Lenders lack the confidence to lend, and borrowers to borrow. Shoppers have stopped shopping, and retailers have stopped hiring. Salespeople are hesitant to close the deal, and buyers are taking fewer risks. Home buyers lack the confidence to even tour for-sale homes, and home builders are waiting, hoping. Fear, insecurity, and worry have hijacked the majority of American minds. They have lost confidence in the leadership of our country, of Wall Street, of our financial institutions, and the positive outcome of their futures. When people are unsure or afraid of the future, they do nothing! They don’t act. They don’t buy. They don’t sell. They don’t borrow. Scared or unsure people just sit, wait, watch, and worry, wondering if things are going to get better or worse. The Confidence Coach Says, “Stop waiting for things to turn around! The best way to predict the future is to create it!” Learn How To Get The Things You Want & new ways to Save Money Here.