Your Harvest is Plentiful – Can You See It?

Your Harvest is Plentiful – Can You See It?

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Highlights of Message:

Your past perceptions determines your current realities.

Harvest = Opportunities

The problem is the LABORER.

No harvest = you need prayer!

Your Voice, Ears, and Fingers are your TICKET out of middle-class living to your wealthy place.

Your 3 different millon dollar assets:

  1. Your Voice – ability to speak and share your story.
  2. Your Ears – ability to listen so you can coach others.
  3. Your Fingers – ability to write and type books to inspire and inform others.

Opportunity doesn’t just tap you on the shoulder…you must go after it.

Action creates opportunities!

What blocking you from moving forward? What are you afraid of?

Conquer your fears by taking MASSIVE ACTION so you can get your harvest.

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