Structure, Systems, and People – Are Your Tires Aligned?

Suppose one of your car’s front tires was out of alignment. How would this one tire affect the handling performance of your car?

The car would pull to the left or the right causing all the other wheels to perform below their maximum potential. The one out-of-line tire will affect the performance and outcome of the rest of the car. This is what happens when the vision of the leader is different from the vision of the people.

The Destiny Arrow helps you get all your wheels, people, or departments, in alignment with your destiny and purpose for existence, empowering you or your organization to operate at peak performance.

Please don’t be deceived; the tire that is out of alignment will not self-correct itself! Changes must be intentionally made.

Many leaders tend to ignore problem people and poor performing departments that are out of alignment and hope, wish, and pray that things will just “work out in time.” Over the last 15 years of helping leaders, I have found that the tire actually gets worse in time and so does the performance of departments that are out of alignment. I am sure you have found that when one department is out of alignment, the rest of the organization is affected.

The Law of Replacement: Do you have the right people on your team to take you to the next level and beyond?

Do you have a positive view about changes in leadership in your organization? If not, you should.

The law of replacement says, “When you lose one person from your team, you will attract someone even better if you wait patiently and pursue someone with more skills and talents. Until there is release, there cannot be increase.”

Our natural tendency is to hold on to what we have. We can hold on to a good leader, instead of reaching for a great leader. If we are not willing to make the tough decisions in getting rid of poor performers, we can stay stuck with good and never achieve greatness. Goodness is free, but greatness will cost you something. Remember, you will attract somebody better if you allow a change in staff, employees, friends, associates, etc.

Leaders only grow according to their ability to endure pain.

Sometimes you have to disconnect with people who have brought you where you are in order to embrace the people who can take you to the next level. Disconnecting from people is painful and difficult.

It is painful because you really care about these people and may not want to disengage. It is painful because you realize that unless you disengage, you will never have the time to engage new people.

It is difficult because the people you are disengaging from will not understand why. Disconnecting with people is painful and messy for everyone involved. But remember, unless you are willing to endure these pains, your own growth as a leader will be limited.

Leaders only grow to the threshold of their pain.

Strategic Planning Tool

This Destiny Planning Arrow is a tool that lasts a lifetime. No matter what you have to plan, engaging THE DESTINY ARROW will help clarify your group’s basic direction. After you complete your Strategic Planning Arrow, you never have to start over! If you ever feel out of focus, reviewing your plan will give you a renewed, clear perspective.

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Unleash Possibilities!

In a 20-year period you can accomplish almost anything you desire. Just consider:

• Once U.S. leaders made up their minds to put a man on the moon, it took only eight years to accomplish the goal.
• Bill Gates, America’s richest man in 1995, was nearly penniless in 1975.
• Japan was an isolated, backward, dirt-poor nation in the 19th century. Now in just a few decades, Japan is a world power.

How were these feats accomplished?

People deliberately refused to look at their present condition and started dreaming and planning for a great new future.

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