Transitioning From Success to Significance —You Need a Coach

Are you at the intersection of “Where you want to be” and “Where you want to go?” If so, you need a consultant or coach to help you unleash your dreams.

Why does an already very successful person need a consultant or confidence coach?

· After a certain level of success, there are fewer people who understand you and your needs.
· After a certain level of success, it becomes more difficult to identify credible and trusted counsel.
· After a certain level of success, your own dreams may scare you!

Although many successful leaders spend a lot of time coaching and consulting others within their organizations, many times being “top dog” can be a lonely place. The million dollar question: Who coaches the coach? Who coaches the CEO? Who coaches the business owner? Who coaches the leaders of any organization?

As a leader of destiny, ask yourself: Do I have someone in my life who is not impressed with my current accomplishments or status who will stretch me toward my full potential?

Leaders of destiny leverage the advantages of a personal consultant or coach.

What does Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Warren Buffet (one of the richest men in the world), and Elvis Presley have in common? They have all used a coach or mentor to maximize their potential so they could achieve extraordinary results in life. Think about it: Every world-class athlete or athletic team has a coach. Every expert dancer has a dance instructor. Every movie star and best-selling author has an agent. Every singer has a voice instructor. Why shouldn’t every business owner, leader, and person have a business, leadership, or a life coach?

I absolutely believe that people, unless coached, never reach their maximum capabilities.
—Bob Nardelli, President and CEO of Home Depot

Leaders of destiny continually look for ways to improve themselves. You will never maximize your full potential in any area of life without the assistance of a personal coach or consultant. You may think that you can improve on your own, and you will to a degree. However, you will not improve or perform at your maximum potential.

It is almost impossible to maximize your potential, leadership effectiveness, and destiny by yourself. Right now you may be highly successful, excellent at what you do, a notch above everyone else. However, without a personal coach or consultant pushing you along, you will never be as great as you could be.

Wise people learn from their mistakes. Wiser people learn from the mistakes of others.

The majority of business executives admit to having outside help when planning for their future success. They realize that there are two ways to learn: 1) By making mistakes, or 2) By having a mentor/coach/consultant. You can learn the hard way from your own experiences and mistakes, or learn from other people’s wisdom, experiences, and mistakes without going through it yourself.


· A person who cares about you and your life performance.
· A coach who holds regular one-on-one telephone coaching sessions with you, partnering with you to help you achieve your dreams.
· Someone who takes time to listen and help guide you in making adjustments in your personal life.
· A person who helps create solutions to the problems you deal with in everyday life.
· A mentor who prevents you from measuring or comparing yourself to those around you.
· One who evaluates your performance based on your strengths, capabilities, and potential—not on your personal performance.
· A “voice of encouragement” empowering you with the confidence to believe in yourself.
· A teacher who educates you. Excellent life coaches are teachers.
· Someone who provides a sense of accountability. Everyone works harder and does better when someone is watching and evaluating them.
· A person who will empower you with the necessary tools to move one step closer to your goals so that you can achieve your dream and become the person you are striving to be.

Your coach will help you adjust your swing.

Tiger Woods does not have several coaches because he has not achieved success, but because he wants to continue to be the best. A coach or consultant will push you to maximize your potential and leadership effectiveness.

Your coach will help you change your pattern of thinking and way of working. Do you want to take your life or organization to the next level? I am confident that your answer is “Yes”! You cannot change your life or organization unless you can change your pattern of thinking and way of working.

Your life today is built around the thoughts you had five to ten years ago. It is imperative you realize that the same pattern or way of thinking that has brought you to this place will not get you to where you want to go in the future.

The Destiny Arrow Consulting Program will help you lead your organization out of confusion and chaos. This program helps leaders construct a clear vision for the future that will enable you to thrive instead of just surviving in the mundane.

You NEED a coach!

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