Learn the 3M’s to Building a Multi-Million Dollar Expert Empire as a Speaker, Author, and Coach

The 3 M’s Needed to Build an Expert Empire

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Highlights of Message:

What was my greatest mistake I made in my past as a beginning speaker, author and coach?

I underestimated my own potential. I wasn’t a possibility thinker. I limited my own potential.

In order to fulfill the high calling of your God-given assignment as a speaker, author or coach your going to need three critical things for you to be able to succeed.





My final point…to build your business you may need to realize the power of O.P.M. – Other Peoples Money.

Borrowing money from other people to build an asset is wise. Using credit card on consumer spending is dumb.


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Hello, my friend. Dr. Keith Johnson, America’s Number One Confidence Coach and Amazon Best Selling Author and Founder of the 83K Academy 

As I’ve travelled all over the world and had question and answer times after my speeches, the number one question I get is, “What is the greatest mistake that you’ve ever made?” And let me tell you my friend, the greatest mistake I ever made was that I underestimated my potential when I was younger.  

Now, what is potential? Potential is not who you are right now, but it’s who you could become. Potential is not what you’re doing right now, it’s what you could be doing. Potential is not what you have right now, it’s what you could have in the future. And potential is not how many people you are helping right now, it’s the hundreds if not thousands, possibly millions, of people that you could impact in your future. And you now, sadly, you see, potential is not what you’re doing right now, it’s what you could be doing. Many people had made the same mistake because they want to be speakers, they want to be authors, they want to be coaches, but they simply don’t see themselves as becoming that. And they underestimate what’s possible for them.   

Now, I’m going to show you the three things… You just need three things to build a successful expert industry, okay? I call them the 3M’s to building an expert empire. Let’s look at those real quick. Number one, you need the first stem, which is motivation. I believe motivation starts by seeing clearly into the future a huge picture of the divine possibility of what’s possible for you. When you see yourself achieving great things, I’m going to tell you, that BIG DREAMS motivate you every day to get up and do whatever you’ve got to do to make that big dream a reality.  

Here’s what I know, what stops you. What stops you is when you can’t see forward, when you can’t see a big future, and number two, when you believe that you can’t do it. Boy, I’m telling you, I want you to know that you can do this. That is my responsibility. That’s what I’m called to do, is to empower you with the belief that, “Yes, you can do it.” So you’ve got to bring motivation to the table. I can bring you the tools, I can bring you the strategies, I can bring you the formulas to help you get there. But there’s one thing I can’t give you; I can’t give you hunger. And like my friend, Les Brown, says, he says, “If you’re going to succeed in anything, you’ve got to be hungry!” 

The second thing you’re going to need; you’re going to need a mentor. You’re going to need somebody who is not intimidated by the size of your dreams. So, you’re going to need somebody who really believes in you. Therefore you’re going to need a mentor whose been there and done that, so that they can help you go there and do that too. I crack up when I look at social media, I look at YouTube and things, and I see these people helping other people, you know, write books, and speak, and coach. And it’s so funny to me because so many of them who are teaching others to do it, haven’t even done it themselves. Let me tell you, you are going to need a proven mentor. Alright.   

And I want to help you. I’ve done it all. I spoke in the largest business seminar, I spoke in the largest churches in the world, I’ve got the Penguin books deals from New York, I became a best-selling author, I’ve coached people who are billionaires. I’ve done all of the stuff already, and built a successful expert empire myself, that’s generated millions of dollars. I’ve already done that. My greatest passion now is to help people like you go there and do that. And that’s why my students have achieved amazing results in this programme already over the years.   

The third thing you’re going to need; you’re going to need a map. An M-A-P. I call it a “massive action plan”. That’s right. There’s an old saying that says, “Before you go into the woods, make sure you have a map on how to navigate to get out.” You know, sadly, at the beginning of my career I had to learn from my mistakes because I didn’t have any mentors. I didn’t have anybody who wanted to coach me. That’s why this 83K Academy is so amazing; that I actually come and I mentor you for 90 days, three months. I give you all my trainings, how to be a coach, speaker and a best-selling author. But I also take you by the hand and walk you through those 90 days. Man, I wish I had somebody that helped me, because when I first started, I had to learn the hard way, through mistakes. I tell you. You either learn from mentorship, or you learn from mistakes. I tell you, mentorship is so much easier. But a proven mentor will give you map on how to navigate through the woods successfully. And man, I tell you, I charged the woods with no map and I hit my head on a lot of trees. Not only did I hit my head, but my whole team who was following me, hit their heads on some trees and along the way we had some casualties.   

So, when you have motivation, you have a mentor, and then you have a map, you’re able to accelerate. You’re able to achieve more. You’re able to shrink the learning curve of the time it’s going to take you to learn all of this.  

And finally, the last thing is what I call OPM. Other people’s money. So many people they’re like, “Well, you know, I can’t afford it.” And some people, they don’t even know how much it costs, and they say, “I can’t afford it.” That’s why I teach you that in life to use OPM. Other people’s money. And that’s why, because my system has been proven, we have third-party funding. So, we can help you with the money to get the training. We can even help you with the money to be able to get the money it’s going to take to help you build your business, that you’re going to need. And here’s one thing that I really want to teach you, and this will help you in life. Period. Its this: You set your intention and then the how to follows. You set your intention and then the how to will follow.  

You see, some people, they want the money first, and then they’ll decide what they’re going to do. That’s not how wealthy people do it. That’s not how highly successful people do it. That’s not how I did it. No. I set my intention and then once I decided what I wanted to do, guess what? The minds designed to figure out a road map on how to make it happen. And listen, that’s why here at 83K Academy you don’t have to do it on your own. You don’t. We’re here to support you. We’re here to help you. That’s why we have third-party funding. That’s why we can help you in these different areas. And all you’ve got to do, is bring motivation. All you’ve got to do is bring intention. Let us help you with the rest.  

I hope you enjoyed this. If you’re going to build a successful expert empire that makes a big difference and makes a fortune, you’re going to have to be motivated. You’re going to have to have a mentor. And you’re going to have to have a proven map with the tools, the formulas, the strategies on how to win. And 83K Academy is the place you need to go. Just go on over there to 83KAcademy.com, put in your name and your e-mail address and then you’ll go to a page where we explain the whole programme to you. And then if you want to connect, you can apply and you fill out your application, then I look over those applications and I’m going to be picking a handful of people to take through the next 90 days.  

So, get on over there, fill out the application. I’m looking forward to seeing your application on my desk. I’m going to tell you, you can do this. You can do this. And we’re here to support you to build your expert empire.  

God bless. 

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