Finding the Right Financial Vehicle to Get to Your Dreams

Do you have the right vehicle to produce your financial goals and dreams?

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Highlights of Message:

I struggled for years to keep my head above water financially because I lacked the income I needed to provide for my family in a way I felt they deserved. I found myself borrowing several thousand dollars a year from my credit cards just to make ends meet and almost every emergency was temporarily adverted by another swipe the credit card.

Credit cards give you the ability to ACT like you’re rich when you’re not!

Thank God! I finally discovered what my problem really was…I was in the wrong financial vehicle!

You can have big dreams and goals but if you want to go to the moon, you will never get there on a BICYCLE. You need a different vehicle called a ROCKET to get you there.

You can have great potential but if you’re not willing to give up the bicycle and get into the rocket you will always remain stuck.


Transcript of Video

Hey! Welcome to Dr. J Today. I’m so excited that you’ve joined us and connected with us here today. Man, I have some exciting news for you that you’re not going to want to miss this entire show here today. 

I want to ask you this question before we get started. Do you have some financial goals? Do you really have some financial goals or desires of where you want to be in the future? I’m sure right now you’re kind of saying, “Man, I need more income. I need more money.? So, the bigger question that I want you to ask yourself, in order to get to the next financial goal that you want to achieve in life, you’ve really got to ask yourself the question, “Do I have the right vehicle to get me there?”  

If you don’t have the right vehicle how are you ever going to arrive at your destination? So, some of you may be stuck and feeling stuck where you are financially simply because you’re in the wrong vehicle. You could be needing to be in a car and you’re riding a bicycle. Or you need a jet and you’re in a Toyota Camry. And so you really have to look at “What are my desires? What do I want to achieve financially?” And ask yourself, “Am I in the right vehicle?”  

Thank you so much for joining Dr. J. Today. I’m going to answer that question for you and give you maybe a thought to think about on a vehicle that could help you get to your financial goals. So, if you’re joining with us, do me a favour. Would you please like, share, hit the notification button down below, and that way you could be notified every time I come live here on Dr. J. Today. And by all means, if you’re watching by replay, I’m so excited about all the people that come back every day and watch Dr. J. Today on replay in the evening. It seems like that’s when everybody is coming on and following up. I’m so excited. Thank you for reconnecting. Hit #replay. Please share down below. I’ll be so appreciative of it.   

So, you need a vehicle. And if where you are is not enough, and you’re living paycheck to paycheck, then you really have got to ask yourself, “Is there another vehicle that I need to get in, to help me to get to where I want to go financially in my life?” And so many times we stay stuck in one particular vehicle and what happens is that we limit ourselves to the possibility and we limit our capacity to be able to handle more wealth, more money in our future. So, frustration happens in our life when it’s like we’re here and we really want to be here. But the challenge is that we don’t have the capacity here to handle where we need to go here. And not only do we not have the capacity but we also don’t have the right vehicles to help us get to where we want to go.