How To Gain The Vocabulary Of A Champion

Champions know the secret of positive self-talk. Inside of you is a critic or a coach. Are you a critic or a coach? Do you remember the old rhyme that you said as a kid, “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me?”

How To Use Words To Gain Confidence

Friend, nothing could be farther from the truth. Words can cause wars and words can stop wars. Words can cause a divorce and words can cause a marriage to be restored. Words can, and do, hurt us. Especially those silent words that you speak to yourself on a daily basis, those words that nobody hears on the outside, but you hear on the inside. If what you say can make you feel bad, then what you say can also make you feel confident on a daily basis. What you are saying about you, your talents, your abilities, your personal worth, and your future is more important than what others are saying about you.Think about this for a moment: When Michael Jordan goes to the foul line with no time left on the clock, facing a one and one, and the team is one point behind, he doesn’t think he will miss that foul shot. Great athletes have learned that the private conversations that they have with themselves determine the results. How many times have you gone to do something with the thought, “I am going to mess up, I can’t do it.”

How To Change Your Negative Thinking

The private conversations you have with yourself are so important. How can you begin the process of changing your negative private conversations with yourself? Here are three quick steps that have helped others obtain good results. STEP 1 – IMPROVE YOUR SELF-IMAGE AND SELF-ESTEEM. STEP 2 – REJECT ALL NEGATIVE SELF-TALK. STEP 3 – CHANGE YOUR “I AM” CONFESSION. Check out Keith Johnson’s Confidence Speaker post! I hope you have learned from this useful post and you use it in your life!