How To Gain More Confidence

Dress Your Way to a Confident Day! People who are successful dress that way! Your personal appearance influences your confidence, attitude, and your emotions.

Dress For Success Holds True

The way you look on the outside has a definite bearing on how you feel and see yourself on the inside. What you wear daily can affect you in a positive or negative way. I learned this secret several years ago. When I woke up in the morning, I would basically dress the way I felt. If I was not in the “mood” to dress up, I would put on a pair of jeans and an old tee shirt. I noticed that throughout the day, I felt sloppy and tired and feelings of insecurity would hit me if I received an important phone call from a client. I discovered the sloppy clothes I put on in the morning gave me a sloppy feeling throughout the day. Now, when I wake up feeling tired, down, or sloppy, I intentionally put on a crisp, white dress shirt and a silk tie with a nice pair of dress pants. Almost within minutes, my confidence level increases and my mood starts changing and I begin my day with a fresh surge of confidence. You will feel and become the way you decide to dress. People see what we are before they hear what we say. Therefore, your dress can influence the decisions and plans of those who see you. Your personal appearance produces an atmosphere of acceptance or rejection. You will never get a second chance to make a good first impression. Your dress tells people where you’re going in life. If you see a woman wearing a wedding gown, you know she is going to a wedding. If you see another woman wearing a bathing suit, you know that she is headed for the beach. If you see a kid wearing a baseball uniform, you know he is headed to a baseball game. If you see a person wearing a clown costume, you know they are headed for the circus. If you see a man who is wearing a navy blue, pin-stripped suit, with a red tie, and carrying a briefcase, you know he is going to an important business meeting. The way you are dressed tells people where you are going. See more about How To Get What You Want with the power of thinking.