Keith Johnson Gives His Testimony On The Harvest Show

Doesn’t this sound like the making of a great success story?
Well, not so fast. As mentioned in the video, I was actually being “driven” by my past and not allowing destiny to give me “drive” for the future. I have now realized that I was driven by the fear of ever being a failure or poor again. Fear was pushing me rather than destiny leading me with confidence into the future. What has driven you to this place of success at this point and time in your life?

Leaders of history are driven by the past.

The fear of failure and poverty “push” some to achieve some levels of success. When a leader is being pushed by fear, he or she could be tempted to do unethical things to succeed. Leaders of history tend to live unfulfilled lives of regret. When a leader is driven by the past, this can become a very unhealthy situation. WARNING! This is the reason many high-profile, successful ministry people have fallen. Most have come from a family background of struggle and poverty. Therefore, they are highly tempted to compromise their integrity in fear of living in poverty again. LQ Solution: Leaders of destiny get their drive from the “pull” of the future—fulfilling their life purpose and destiny. Leaders of destiny have a life purpose that is fueled by dream energy. Leaders of destiny have evolved. They have experienced the transformational shift in their minds from wanting success to having a passion for significance by becoming a patriarch and leaving a legacy. Leaders of destiny enjoy a life of fulfillment as they journey forward into their future. When a leader’s drive comes from destiny, that leader is emotionally, mentally, and spiritually healthy. Get More Confidence In Your Life By Buying The Confidence Solution Here! Watch the second half of this video by Visiting Here! If you have enjoyed this video we welcome you to leave a comment, or share this post with your friends by clicking on the social icon links.