Confidence Speaker – Keith Johnson

Get Results Fast with America’s #1 Confidence Speaker and Coach. Scientific studies prove that confident employees work faster, harder, and more intelligently, which produces better results in both quantity and quality of performance.

Lack Of Confidence Causes Decline In Work Performance

Research shows that a lack of employee confidence causes a decline in performance and productivity costing companies a loss of billions of dollars each year.Keith Johnson, America’s #1 Confidence Speaker and Coach, is more than just a motivational speaker who excites an audience to a temporary emotional high. In fact, he prefers not to be called a motivational speaker. Why? He says, “If you motivate an idiot, you just motivate him to keep doing stupid things faster.” Rather, Keith thinks of himself as a professional communicator and inspirational teacher who helps people unlearn wrong beliefs systems, pushes them beyond their perceived limitations, helps people see what is missing, and challenges them to better their best so they can get quick results in a short amount of time. Keith Johnson is an internationally acclaimed leadership and confidence speaker known for his high-energy and high-quality content presentations that empower people with the confidence needed to create large amounts of change quickly. Your investment in Keith Johnson pays off by making it easier for your conference attendees to increase their confidence so they can: Overcome the negativity of this current economic environment.Reach the next level in their leadership potential.Maximize their performance.Deal effectively with the uncertainty of change.Confidently lift their own levels of expectations so they can set higher goals. Keith is a best-selling author of three books, The Confidence Makeover, Leading in Crisis Times and Leaders of Destiny, that discuss many of the key principles that are the core of his proven results-producing presentation. His newest book, The Confidence Solution—Reinvent Your Life, Explode Your Business, Skyrocket Your Income, is being released by one of the most prestigious publishers in the world—Penguin Books. The key to his effectiveness is the interactive nature of his presentation and the many different types of learning tools for ongoing support he provides long after the seminars are concluded. His longstanding results are the products of the unforgettable new ways people see themselves, their business, careers, incomes, and life itself.

Confidence Speaking Keynote Topics:

Confidence – The Power of Achievement! Leading with Confidence – The Power to Know What to Do Next Selling with Confidence – The Power to Increase Sales in Any Would you like to book Keith for one of your events? Visit Our Contact Page or visit our list of Confidence Books.