How To Confront Attractive People – Confidence Solution

Confidence Question: Many of us need more confidence to date. What would you suggest to an anxious single trying to approach an attractive stranger?

The Answer For Approaching An Attractive Stranger

Confidence is attractive. Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt is a big turn-off. Set a goal to project an incredibly confident you. The following coaching tips will help. 1) Confident Singles position themselves for opportunity. The perfect date is not going to show up on your doorstep unless you want to date the gardener or your hair stylist. Strategically place yourself in positions where you will be seen by the opposite sex. Nobody is going to connect with you if they don’t have the opportunity to meet you. 2) Say your name with confidence! The majority of the people sheepishly say their name. Why would you say your name so quietly? Are you ashamed of your name? Are you ashamed of yourself? You shouldn’t be. You only have seven seconds to make a great first impression, then you definitely want people to remember your name. Interestingly, the more passion you add to saying your name helps embed your name in the person’s subconscious mind so they will have a higher chance of recalling it. 3) Confident Singles know the power of connecting. Step out of your comfort zone and meet new people. Connect with confidence. Many people communicate; few people know how to connect. Find common ground with the person. Do you like the same sports, arts, fashion, places? In the first 7 seconds of meeting someone new, sincerely compliment him or her. 4) Confident Singles dress their way to a confident day. Don’t dress like you feel. Dress the way you want to feel—confident. Your dress is a billboard telling everybody about you. What is your billboard saying about you? 5) Confident Singles date up, not down. Reach for relationships that are a notch above you. Know your worth. You deserve the best! 6) Confident Singles ASK for what they want. Push past your fears, uncertainty, and doubts and confidently ask the person if they are available for coffee or lunch. Remember, nothing happens until you dare to ask. 7) Confident Singles have learned to turn rejection into a confidence building moment. If someone tells you no say, “Next! Obviously you do not see my beauty and worth.” 8) Confident Singles listen more than they talk. Most people want to be understood. Give the person a listening ear. People love to talk about themselves. Remember, the greatest battle for singles is loneliness. Show interest by intentionally not talking about yourself, rather, ask questions to learn more about the person. 9) Confident Singles refuse to let opportunities pass them by. Have a business card readily available with your contact information on it. People can’t call you if they don’t have your contact information. 10) Confident Singles celebrate their differences. Your uniqueness is what makes you expensive. Many singles devalue themselves by focusing on what they perceive as a “negative” body part. Remember, it is your difference that makes you stand out. Donald Trump does not change his hair because it is different—his trademark. Celebrate who you are! Check out Keith’s Confidence Solution Book!