You Are A Leader – Focus On Your Identity

Maximizing Your Impact, Influence, and Income Starts Right Now!

I regularly meet people who are surprised to learn that their own LQ level is an important part of increasing their impact, influence, and income. It’s true. Whatever we do in life, our personal achievements depend on our growth as leaders. All institutions need leaders. We know this is true whether that institution is a church, nation, business, school, factory, or family. The world prizes and rewards people who have the guts to unleash their potential and manifest their inner leader. Influence, riches, and power have been claimed by those who, by virtue of their desire for a better future, are able to attract the loyalty, respect, and service of others. People with high LQs in all walks of life are in constant demand. And guess what the by-product of higher demand produces? Higher perceived value and more money. Just imagine for a moment if you, like the biblical Joseph, knew by divine revelation that in the future you would be the leader of a nation, president of the company you work for, or the senior pastor of a large church. What would you have to know, do, or become to be ready to accept that opportunity? God has an amazing plan for your future. He is preparing you for something that you do not know is coming. Please know that your growth inwardly and externally as a leader starts today. The time to prepare for your future opportunity is not when opportunity taps you on the shoulder. The time to prepare is now! LQ Solution: The more a person knows God, the more he will know himself—and LQ begins to emerge. When humankind became disconnected from God, the results were horrific. We became blinded to the understanding of: • Who we really are – Identity • Why are we here – Purpose • Where we came from – Heritage • Where we are going – Destiny • What we are capable of achieving – Potential LQ is about self-discovery. It is about your commitment to becoming the real you. Human beings were the only creatures created in the image and likeness of God. This means that you have God’s DNA, His very nature. An important dynamic of that aspect is God’s ability to create, imagine, plan, set priorities, and make decisions. In other words, inside you is God’s LQ that needs to be awakened, discovered, and developed. See Our Next Video About ACR Explained! Did you learn anything new from this post? If so please share in a comment below!