Awareness Choices and Results Explained In Detail

Awareness, Choices and Results Explained

The Three-Step Discovery Formula: A→C→R

Your journey to becoming everything you were supposed to be starts with Awareness (A). When you have greater awareness of your thoughts, how you really see yourself, you can make the right Choice (C) to become the right person you were designed to be. When you make the right choices in life, you begin to experience better Results (R). With a better awareness of what God wants you to become, you will say, “Okay! If that is what God wants me to become, I will accept that and begin my journey to personal transformation.” I mentioned Joel Osteen’s trek to awareness of his Leadership Quotient earlier. Initially, he was not fully aware of his leadership potential as he sat in an editing room working on his father’s messages. But awareness came to him. You, too, need to be awakened to your true Leadership Quotient in Christ. The insights in this book will do more than just help you “learn” that you are a leader. Learning comes from educating the mind. I want your inner self to be “awakened” by revelation so you will know without a shadow of a doubt that you are a leader. Learning is all about the mind. Knowing is all about the heart.

God Wants To Be A Leader

I ask this question of my audiences around the world. Warning! Be careful how quickly you answer this question. A knee-jerk reaction is, “It is very important. I want to become everything that God wants me to become.” When I ask people that question they enthusiastically say, “YES!” However, when I ask them to clearly define what it is that God wants them to become, most people have no clue what it is. Can you clearly articulate what God wants you to become? If you don’t know who you are supposed to become, how can you ever aim at becoming that person? See our next video on Learning To Be A Leader Let me ask you another coaching question, “When you think of a leader, who are the five people who instantly come to mind?” Comment Below.