Confident People Are Not Afraid to Make Decisions

The ability to make a decision is what separates followers from leaders, winners from losers, rich from the poor, and the confident from the insecure.

Life is full of decisions. What clothes will I wear? What college should I attend? Should I go to college at all? What church should I attend? Which job should I take? What stocks should I invest in? What kind of business should I start? Where should I start my business? What contractor am I going to use? Where am I going to live? The questions are endless.

We are on a journey filled with questions. Where do I go next? What do I do now? How am I going to get there? A degree of uncertainty is a natural part of life and a natural part of decision making. However, decisions have to be made. Clear decisions. If you are going to wait around until there is not uncertainty about what you should do, you will still be talking about the decision until you are one hundred years old.

For every success story there must be a confident decision to do what is necessary to arrive there. On the other hand, for every failure or tragedy there is a lack of decision to execute what the leaders knew would work. Decisions create present and future events.

There are only two types of decisions: right and wrong. Your success in life depends on making the right choices. If you make a right decision in your life you may never know it. However, if you make a wrong decision, I guarantee you will know it.

When making decision, you must ask yourself this important question “Is the timing right?”

The wrong decision at the wrong time = Disaster

The wrong decision at the right time = Mistake

The right decision at the wrong time = Unacceptance

The right decision at the right time = Success

Decision is . . . The act of reaching a conclusion.

Decision is . . . To make up one’s mind.

Decision is . . . Information acted upon.

Decision is . . . A no-turning-back commitment.

Many people govern their lives around indecision. A person who hesitates can miss great opportunities. Confidence will cause you to jump at opportunities that will come your way. I can trace every mistake I made in my life to a bad decision or to no decision at all.

Life is shaped in the moment of decision, so make the right decisions.

  • Make a decision to get better.
  • Make a decision to get richer.
  • Make a decision to improve your performance.
  • Make a decision to reinvent yourself.
  • Make a decision to become who you really are.
  • Make a decision to better your best.
  • Make a decision to be happy.
  • Make a decision to be healthy.
  • Make a decision to be wealthy.
  • Make a decision to keep moving forward.
  • Make a decision to be confident.
  • Make a decision to reinvent yourself, explode your business, and skyrocket your income!
  • Make a decision to create a detailed strategic plan for your Confidence Solution!

Kay, the overweight, depressed, purposeless single woman, needed to reinvent her life. At 325 pounds, she was still living with her parents although in her late twenties. She went through my 30-Day Confidence Coaching systems and kept reading my materials over and over again. Her self-image started to change, and she decided to create a strategic plan for her Confidence Solution. As she implemented her plan, she lost over 150 pounds.

She contacted me and I coached her in discovering her purpose; she discovered a passion for firefighters and their mission of public service. Seeing the need to improve local fire service, she decided to run for office. Pounding the pavement, shaking hands, passing out campaign literature, and attending scores of public meetings, she campaigned herself into victory, a county commission seat, and a reinvented life. Her Confidence Solution worked!

Another mentee of mine was living in a mental institution. As a result of my coaching, he strategized a Confidence Solution to get a government job and become involved in local politics. His income and confidence skyrocketed. As a result of implementing a Confidence Solution strategy and coaching with me, he now earns a six-figure income and has prominence and influence in the community.

Another client had a business stuck at $4 million gross revenue for years. He, his wife, and all his employees went through a Confidence Solution strategy to grow the business. He also brought all of his sales team to my “Selling With Confidence” seminar. In two years, he doubled his gross cash flow and increased his profit margins by more than 8 percent. He also went through my Destiny Arrow strategy program and laid out a plan to grow the business long-term. This Confidence Solution for himself, his family, and employees not only grew his business, it also gave him more free time from the business to enjoy life with his family.

What’s the common denominator among these three reinvented, confident leaders?

Confidence. Making a decision to develop a well-planned, detailed strategy involving my materials, coaching, and assistance in reinventing their lives, exploding their businesses, and skyrocketing their income.

What do you need . . .

  • Start reading books to build your confidence. My #Be Confident book is a great place to start. Click here to check it out!
  • To go to KeithJohnson.TV and decide for yourself to work with me in developing your detailed strategy for success?
  • Attend one of our live confidence building seminars.

The decision is yours. Don’t procrastinate!