How To Use Your Strength To Leave A Legacy

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What is your greatest strength?

When you discover your #1 greatest strength…you will uncover your million-dollar asset to earn and build generational wealth for your family and leave a legacy.

In my case, confidence was my #1 strength, so I studied, got coaching, and paid for all the training I needed to increase my confidence.

Do you have a desire to encourage, teach and help other people?

If so, I want you to think about this phrase:

YOU can get PAID for Sharing youSTORY, ADVICE, and HOW-TO information that helps others succeed in the EXPERT INDUSTRY.”

I have been sharing with you my own story about living in my mother-in-law’s house, having no money in the bank, and having over $180,000 in bad credit card debt.

How did I get out of this negative financial situation in less than 3 years? I used my #1 strength and created intellectual property I could sell to others who needed help.

Fast-forward. Here I am today still building and scaling my own multimillion-dollar expert industry. However, now I am more passionate than ever about helping other aspiring Christian entrepreneurs, authors, coaches, and speakers discover and build their own successful brands.

If you are reading this and you are having trouble discovering your #1 strength, I encourage you to take time to watch my videos on my Youtube Channel.

I assure you that it will help uncover your strength and will help you succeed in whatever expert industry you are in.

Now, my question for you {first_name}. What Is The LEGACY You Want To Leave In The Expert IndustryWatch my video and don’t forget to subscribe for more teachings.

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