What Determines Your Future

As we move into 2023, I have been thinking about different ways to help you get the most out of this year and out of this next decade.

Quick question…Are you EXPECTING great things to happen to you in the future?

The expectation is truly one of your SUPERPOWERS.

Watching the news only causes you to be more anxious and worried about the future. These twin forces strip you of your faith and hope for the future. Turn that doom-and-gloom stuff off. Especially, some of those Christian doomsters!!!

I am here to encourage you…Your Future is Going To Be Better, Bigger, and Brighter than you think it is (Eph 3:20). 

What really determines the outcome of your future??? Is it…God, fate, circumstances, the enemy, the government, or how you were raised?

Most of our successes and failures in life are based on the habits we’ve developed.

You can pray, confess, and sing beautiful songs to God…but if you don’t change your habits…your personal history will just repeat itself.

Great Life = Great Habits Repeated Daily

Bad Life = Bad Habits Repeated Daily

You see, habits are more powerful than miracles, dreams, desires, and goals.

The right habits create the right outcomes. Positive outcomes generate momentum in our life through breakthroughs the resistance keeping us from an abundant life.

I uploaded another YouTube training session about the secret to Joshua’s success. I simply copied this strategy for my life and it has produced so many miracles for me. I am a very blessed man.

You don’t want to miss this 20-minute teaching and coaching session. Here’s the link: How Habits Can Determine Your Future.

Let me remind you that what you do today affects your future. What or who you’re listening to daily really matters!

In this video, I have explained more about it and I have more videos on my Youtube that will help you change your life for the better.

My goal is for you to experience RADICAL SUCCESS this year and in the years to come. Don’t think for a moment that God gets any glory from your failures. Nope! Only your success.

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