Outrageous Action is Needed

“The two greatest fear busters are knowledge and action.”
—Dennis Waitley, best-selling author, speaker, and high-performance consultant

One of the fastest growing religions of our century is Christianity. If you believe in Jesus Christ or not, one thing you cannot deny is the success of this movement which produced the largest religion in the world. Most religions are based on the philosophies of their leaders. The early success of Christianity is revealed in one of the most powerful books in the Bible…The Book of Acts! This book historically heralds the outrageous success of the first disciples of Christianity. When you reed this book, you become amazed how the 1st century leaders risked their life, worked really hard, and took massive action to spread their philosophy about Jesus being the Son of God all around the world.

They did not just write a theology, talk about what was going to happen, make false promises or theorize on how to turn the world upside. They took outrageous actions including: dying in the coliseums, being torn apart by wild animals, being beaten and crucified, and being literally torched with fire. They went out and demonstrated their faith by their actions. The result was amazingly how fast this small group of people spread this message around the world without the use television, telephones, internet, emails, Twitter, Facebook, or radios to work with. The book of Acts models what we need to do, act outrageously!

Wisdom is useless unless acted upon.

Even though we are in the information age, information is not enough. Taking massive action is what ignites outrageous success. Wisdom is useless unless acted upon. Action is what produces quick and powerful results. Knowledge is only “potential” power until it comes into the hands of a confident person who has the guts to take action. The difference between the person who receives outrageous success and those who don’t lies in their ability to take outrageous actions.

Confidence Coaching Key – Action makes the difference between pretenders and contenders.

Positive thoughts without positive actions leave you with positively NOTHING!

I will tell you what I am positive about..Positive thoughts without positive actions will positively produce NO RESULTS! You can think positive while you are eating a Big Mac at McDonalds, but your positive thinking is not going to turn your Big Mac into a fresh garden salad.

I can positively tell you

• Those who work the hardest are those with the most Success.
• Those who work the least will easily fail in life. Failure is easy work.
• Those who take the most action are those with the most achievements.
• Those who take the most action are those with the most money.

Confidence Coaching Key – Whoever acts more at the end of the day, becomes more, does more, has more, and can help more.

You tend to live at one of three levels according to your confidence setting; survival, success and significance. Let’s look at each of these in relation to the amount of action required to achieve each level:

• Survival – Minimum effort. They do only what is required, lives to get by.
• Success – Great effort. They do above and beyond what is required, lives to get ahead.
• Significance – Maximum effort. They raise the standard, lives to leave a legacy.

Most people give minimum effort to becoming the person they are suppose to be, willing to do only what is necessary to survive. Some people give great effort to becoming who they are suppose to be and experience a degree of success in life. Few people give their maximum effort to become that person and they experience the joy of making a significant difference in the world.

Popular saying, “Good things come to those who wait.” This is survivors mentality. However, I like this thought, “Great things come to those who make it happen.” Stop waiting for your ship to come in and jump in the water and swim to it!

Most people move away from or blatantly avoid fearful situations. Writer and philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson said his entire life was changed the day he read the words, “If you would be a great success, make a habit throughout your life of doing the things you fear.”

When you confront your personal FUD with corresponding action, an amazing thing happens—your FUD disappears. Another fascinating principle is that often, when we finally develop the outrageous confidence and courage to meet a problem head on, the problem disappears and we don’t have to face it. When you have the confidence to make the difficult phone call, confront a problem employee, or make the sacrifice, very often it becomes unnecessary. You can worry about firing an employee for weeks and when you finally get the confidence to break the news, they may tell you that they can’t wait to quit working for you.

Uncommon acts create an uncommon confidence.

“Believe in yourself. You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience that you stop to look fear in the face. You are able to say to yourself, ‘I have lived through this horror. I can take the next thing that comes along.’You must do that which you think you cannot do.”
—Eleanor Roosevelt, Wife of American President Franklin D. Roosevelt

“The one thing that separates winners from losers is winners take action!”
—Anthony Robbins, motivational speaker

The moment of truth will eventually come in your life. That special moment when you will have to stop preparing and leap into action. Every new professional athlete plays that first game. Every new doctor treats that first patient. Every new race car driver drives that first official race. Every pilot flies that first solo flight. Every mechanic disassembles that first engine.

When you say “I can do it” your fears go away and your self-confidence increases.

Everything you truly want in life is on the other side of your greatest fear. To overcome fear you must have confidence that you “can do it” and that you will have a positive, rewarding outcome. You will need added confidence to get you beyond “I can,” or “I will try” to “I will do!” Someone once said, “There isn’t a chance if you are afraid to take it.”

Overcoming life’s obstacles and making it to the top in life will require confident actions.

Confidence will move you to action and action will destroy all your fears. Action breeds confidence. Confidence grows by doing, not just by thinking you can. Only courageous actions produce extraordinary results. Webster’s dictionary defines courage as “mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty.” Courage is taking positive moral actions that conjure up fear.

“Courage is doing what you are afraid to do. There can be no courage unless you are scared.”
—“Eddie” Rickenbacker, highly decorated American WWI aviator

FUD’s antidote is confidence. Most of your fears in life rarely come to fruition. You can overcome all your fears and uncertainties and start developing the habit of confident living.

I want to challenge you today to live your life contrary to the ordinary. The ordinary person loves to stay within the confines of the comfortable, the easy, and the secure. If you do what everybody else does, then you can expect to get what they get. Do what they fear and they will wish they had what you got.

Brian Tracy made this powerful statement in one of his weekly Email newsletters; “Remember that success is rare. Only one person in 100 becomes wealthy in the course of a lifetime. Only five percent achieve financial independence. That means that the odds against you are 19-to-1. The only way that you’re going to achieve your financial goals is if you get really serious. To succeed, you must get serious. You must get busy. You must get active. You must get going.”

“On the plains of hesitation bleach the bones of countless millions who at the dawn of victory sat down to wait—and waiting, died.”
—Burt Dubin, business coach and professional speakers’ mentor

At one of my seminars, I was talking to a 60 year old man who was so overweight that he said he could not walk from his kitchen to his bedroom without becoming totally exhausted. I asked him why he has not made a decision to take the necessary steps to lose weight. As I continued to ask different questions, he kept saying “I want to change my life, but I am just not ready yet.” I then dropped the bomb, I said, “You have not been ready for almost 60 years. When will you ever be ready?”

Failure’s most successful strategy is procrastination. This causes the person to get into the “until” game. The “until” people are always waiting……until they have more time.
…until they make more money…until things change…until the conditions are favorable.
…until things settle down…until, until, until.

Take action today! It is critical that you understand this one thing: Confidence grows by doing, not by just thinking. Only action produces results and builds more confidence along the way. Don’t allow your personal fears to keep you in a state of procrastination and inaction any longer. Real confidence in yourself is always demonstrated by action. It only takes a small leap to bridge the gap between FUD and confidence. You are only one action away!


What outrageous actions must you take to move toward your purpose, dreams and success?

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