Outrageous Rewards are Your Focus

Do you sometimes feel like nobody is in your ring cheering you on as you fight life through to achieve your dreams? If so, you are not alone. Self-mastery requires the skill of having the ability to keep yourself motivated. There are times in life when nobody is going to be in your ring cheering you on to victory. You cannot depend on the government to motivate you, your spouse, your family, your friends, and your boss.

Who is the world’s greatest motivator? I thought, Myself (of course, I am the confidence coach)? Zig Ziglar? Tony Robbins? If you want to know who the world’s greatest motivator is just look into the mirror. Yes! I have to take a back seat to you because you are the best. The greatest motivator in the world is YOU! Nobody and I mean NOBODY can motivate you like you can.

Motivation is the psychological feature that arouses an organism to action toward a desired goal. The root word for motivation is motive. Which simply means a reason for doing something.

How can I get myself to get motivated and take action?

Rewards – The Force of Motivation

Focusing on the rewards you will attain if you face your FUD and take action is the key to self-motivation. Rewards do not just go to everybody. Rewards are passed out to those who achieve extraordinary results. They go to those whose performance and results are better than everybody else. At the Olympics, only the top three finishers get to stand on the platform and be honored to receive the Gold, silver, and bronze medals. Champions in athletics, business, and life do the disciples necessary to achieve these extraordinary results. Rewards are reserved for those who are willing to do what the majority of the world is unwilling to do.

Confession without discipline is delusion.

Outrageous rewards are more than just “needs.” Rewards are the things you really “want” out of life. Mere needs do not motivate you.

Here’s an example. My wife went to Wal-Mart the other day and she came back with sever bags of groceries. When she walked in the door she said, “I got you a surprise.” I don’t know about you, but I love surprises! My energy levels almost instantly increased. As I waited with great anticipation, she reached in the bag and pulled out a box of tooth past. Needless to say, my excitement levels dropped. Then she said, “I got something else for you.” I knew it had to be better than toothpaste. She then reached in her bag and pulls out deodorant. Again, my heart, energy levels sunk. Then she said, “I have something else for you.” My thought was it has got to get better. Then she reaches in the bag and pulls out toilet paper. I sincerely, thanked her for getting my toiletries.

Question. Do I “need” toothpaste, deodorant, and toilet paper? Yes! Did getting my “needs” met motivate me, energize me, fire me up to go change the world? NO!

Rewards are not needs but they are wants. It’s your wants or personal heart desires that really supercharge you to break through the walls of fear so you can obtain the things you really want for your life and business.

For example, I always “wanted” a yellow corvette convertible. I didn’t necessary “need” one; any car could have taken me from point A to point Z. However, because I wanted one I would always drive by the Chevrolet dealer and drive real slow so I could see all the corvettes for sale. I keep my eyes on my desired outcome. I would say to myself, one of these days I am going to buy a yellow corvette. I am going to keep taking action until I can get the reward. This motivated me to work hard to build my speaking and coaching business. I will never forget the day I drove past the dealership and right out front was my yellow corvette convertible glissening in the Florida sun. I went home and told my wife about the car. She was excited and said, “Why don’t you go buy it. We have the money for it.”

When I drove the car off the lot I felt like I was in heaven. I was so energized to break through some more walls and achieve even greater things in my life and business.


What would be a reward you could focus on to help you stay motivated toward achieving your dreams?

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