The Secret Sauce to Becoming World-Class

“I know who is going to win the election? The person with the most CONFIDENCE.” – Dr. Keith Johnson

What quality does Jesus Christ, Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill, Mother Teresa, Billy Graham, Margaret Thatcher, Zig Ziglar, Ken Blanchard, Coach John Wooden, and George Foreman have in common?

  • They are considered by many as world-class leaders.
  • They had confidence, competence, and character that brought them recognition.
  • The impact of their lives will last for generations.
  • They have high moral character and reputation.
  • They have the power of the 3Cs—extreme levels of confidence, competence, and character in their professions.
  • They do (or did) what they love—not for money or fame.
  • They focused their energy in one direction and found that money comes as a by-product.


Point 1 – Confidence

Why is the lion considered the king of the jungle? Because he’s the biggest, fastest, prettiest, hardest working animal in the jungle? No! So why is he the king and on top? Because he’s the most confident! What I have discovered is that this truth in the jungle is also true in the financial, business, and cultural jungles in which we live.

I love leadership and I love history and one of my favorite people to read about is Harry Truman, who becomes a greater president in the eyes of many the longer he is gone. During his bid for the presidency in 1948, no one gave him a shot to win against challenger Thomas Dewey. During the campaign, Truman asked a man in the crowd how he intended to vote. “Mr. Truman,” the man said, “I wouldn’t vote for you if yours were the only name on the ballot.” Truman turned to an aide and said, “Put him down as doubtful.”

Confidence is one of your most valuable assets, and more is always better. Confidence breeds successful leaders. Confident leaders possess more: 

  • Happiness! More Money!
  • Creative Ideas! More Solutions to Problems!
  • Success! More Power!
  • Relationships! More Fun!

There are nearly six billion people in the world. Young and old. Rich and poor. They come from different walks of life. They come from different nationalities, cultures, and languages. But they all have one need in common—CONFIDENCE. They need the confidence that can empower them to live life at its fullest. 

Confidence Coaching Solution:

Confidence Coach Quote: “Successful people do habitually what unsuccessful people occasionally.”

Everybody wants to have more confidence, more success, more money and more fun. Right? It is not really “super hard” to obtain these things. If you buy into the myth that gaining more confidence is hard, you will not even try to obtain it. Obtaining more confidence, success, money, and fun is not a matter of working harder, it is a matter of creating the right success habits. What becomes a habit will become easy in time.

The success of your future is hidden in your daily habits. You do not determine your future; you determine your daily habits. Your daily habits ultimately determine your future.