Stop the Negative Cycle of Going Around in Circles

Stop Going Around in Circles!

Dr. Keith Johnson, America’s #1 Confidence Coach

Do you ever feel like you’re like a hamster on the wheel just going round and round?

You want to break through to the next level, but it just seems like nothing’s happening? It seems like you’re stuck where you are.

Today’s message will help you break out of that circle you keep going in, so you can go to the next level of achievement that God has for you. I knew God wanted me to have an abundant life, but I was not experiencing that at all in my life and to be quite honest with you, I was going in circles …

I was like, “How do I break free from this?”  I remember at a point when I was at the bottom of the barrel and I ran across the scripture that I’m going to share with you today. It opened my eyes and it changed me radically. I hope that it changes you too.

Deuteronomy 1:6 “The Lord spoke to us saying you have been long enough on this mountain.”

The story of the children of Israel … how they left Egypt … went into the Wilderness … and the Bible says they wandered in the wilderness.

Picture of them going around and around in a circle around this particular mountain. God’s looking from heaven right and He’s like, “Man you’ve been in this same place long enough!”

This is the ball and chain that locks you into a limited potential for your life

Nothing worse than then dragging a ball round and round

As long as you’re dragging a ball, living in the life of sameness, you’re never going to experience acceleration to getting to God’s ultimate desire for your life.

They were in sameness.

You are designed by God for progress. When you don’t experience progress in your life you can get tired,  frustrated and get to the place on the hamster wheel for so long you decide to quit.

You ask: Why even try? As soon as you say this you’ve now entered into a season of learned hopelessness which says: I tried … I went around so many times …

“Hope deferred makes the heart sick.” Now, you have a sick heart, but when desire comes you become a mighty tree of life.” (Pro 13:12)

So many sick people, who’ve given up on their dreams, given up on their desire to live a better life, decided the camp out in the wilderness, living a life far below what God has for them.

Mark Twain said, “All human beings are like dust, they tend to settle.”

I don’t want to settle…I want to continue to climb the mountain that God has destined for my life. I I don’t want to go to the grave going down a hill. I want to go to the grave still finding myself wanting to conquer another mountain for God, and achieve what God wants for me until the time I go to the grave. That’s what I want.

God says: “Wait a minute …  listen to Me … you’ve been here long enough.”

Here’s what I learned: “If there’s no change in the present,

your history will repeat itself.” 

What happens: your history is a prophecy of your future. It’s a circle. It’s going to just repeat itself into your tomorrow.

When I lived in mother-in-law’s house …  I’m tired of these circles … realized I’ve got to make some serious changes.

Here’s the deception:  we got to change the outer stuff … if I change churches, careers, spouse, etc…

Change has to first begin on the inside of you.

One of the greatest changes that has to happen in order for you to break out of your circle that you’re wondering in … first things you have to do internally: lift your standard. 

I realized that I had lowered my standard.

You will ultimately live the life of the standards that you expect out of life.

“You’ve been here too long.”

“It’s time to break out of that ball … the hamster wheel … that place where you settled, because I got this place over here. It’s a thousand times greater. I want to make you a thousand times greater.”

We see the heart of God … wanting to bring increase … to bring you into a life that’s better than what you’re living in right now. No matter where you’re at God still wants us to have a better life. God can’t/will not make you leave. You can hug onto the mountain … kiss that mountain … I love this mountain … You have to make a decision:

I’m willing to leave one place and go to the next place. It’s up to you.

One of the things that I learned is when things were not going well I realized that I had settled. When I started looking at my life, I realized that I was inside of the circle.

Everybody has a circle. You have a circle of relationships. I had a circle of people in my life. All thought the same way, talked the same, pretty much lived the same kind of life.

Surrounded myself with a bunch of losers…. tired/frustrated/going round and round the mountain … needed to break out of that circle and  get into larger circles.

Needed to get around people who were beyond where I was. Didn’t need people in my circle that just patted me on my back … everything’s good/fine/just stay satisfied, brother …  just be content, brother 😂 with what you have, brother …all that religious garbage.

People don’t go for more abundant life … they say: life is not about money, material possessions, success … it’s all about God, family, happiness.

Funny: the people inside the circles that say that kind of stuff are people who have settled for a smaller life. They use these terms to justify why they’re going to stay in their little circle forever.

All in the small circle that’ll say it’s not about success, it’s all that happiness … they’re not happy.

Use that to demonize …  to get you to lower your standards.

I feel like joy and happiness come in the pursuit of a god-given goal in a god-given dream.

It’s the pursuit of it, it’s not the achievement of it.

This is what I want to achieve for God in my lifetime … move towards those goals …  experience joy, happiness, as we move forward, progress … we have the feelings of joy then we achieve it.

Unless you get outside … into a new circle. I needed to get into a circle of people who thought bigger than myself … lived life bigger than me … making a bigger difference than me…

Only until I got outside of this little circle did I start seeing my life drastically change and one of the things that I did was I became intentional.

Must be intentional: … I love some of these people … even family members but I got to break out of that circle … get into some circles that are at the next level.

Once I got to the next circle, realized there’s a whole other circle. this at such a higher level now than where I’m at now I need to go to the next Circle

As your circle of friends expand, your circle of mentorship expands. Your mind starts to expand … the knowledge that you have with the circle of friends is different than the knowledge that you have with this circle of friends.

Scripture says: my people perish because of lack of knowledge. (Pro 29:18)

Knowledge on the outer circle that I need to help me to advance in my life … achieve my God-given destiny … experience to help me understand wealth and finances

Greatest thing that I learned in my life: if I’m going to change my life I’ve got to change my friends, associates, who I’m hanging around.

Scripture: Proverbs 13: He/She who walks with wise men will be wise, but the companion of fools will be destroyed.

King Solomon is probably 3rd/4th richest person in the history of the world….first Trillionaire.

He gave us this wisdom → people who walk with wise people become wise … achieve success. People who hang out with fools → destroyed/perish … lack of knowledge. 

Whoever you’re hanging with gets on you.

I was hanging around a denomination and all of them had poverty spirits … thought poor, small, lived small …  grabbed scriptures to justify small living … lack of desire for better life

I had big thoughts, but I hung out with them and somehow they influenced me to start thinking like they thought.

I went from a big life to smaller …What’s going on here? Check out the kind of people you’re hanging with. Solomon: when you hang out with wise people you become wise.

Saying: Influence is subtle yet it’s also powerful … both powerful and subtle 

When you hang out with somebody the change doesn’t happen instantly. You don’t notice that you’re going backwards instantly.

Look at your circles … ask yourself a few questions:

  1. Who am I hanging with?
  2. What are they doing to me?
  3. Are the people you’re hanging with challenging you to read more books
  4. Are they challenging you to go to seminars?
  5. Are they challenging you to invest in yourself?
  6. Are they challenging you to take your income and take it  times 10?
  7. Are they challenging you to believe it’s possible that what you make in a year you can make in a month?
  8. Do you have somebody that’s stretching you or are you surrounding yourself with a bunch of people who are not challenging your to read books, but to watch the next football game?


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