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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE The Confidence Solution “Keith Johnson,  America’s #1 Confidence Coach, has truly developed a life changing  program that will teach you how to transform  the way you think, see, and talk about yourself…

“Your confidence will Soar to new heights after reading his book.”

Dr. Robert  Schuller, author of Tough Times Never Last, But Tough People Do! If you were more confident, how would your life be different? THE CONFIDENCE SOLUTION Reinvent Yourself, Explode Your Business, Skyrocket Your Income By Keith Johnson Low self-esteem is paralyzing. It prevents us from attaining professional success, personal fulfillment, financial stability, and physical health. Conversely, confidence can open up a whole world of opportunity. No one knows this better than Keith Johnson, a confidence coach who has toured the world instructing leaders in a variety of fields how to maximize their potential. He shares his powerful strategies in his new book, THE CONFIDENCE SOLUTION: Reinvent Yourself, Explode Your Business, Skyrocket Your Income (Tarcher/Penguin paperback, May 12). Combining motivating examples from his own life, helpful illustrations, exercises to increase self-esteem, and the steps of a confidence makeover, Johnson guides readers towards the confident state of mind required to turn their lives around. His proven tips include: – Develop new habits of success. You do not determine your future; you determine your daily habits. – Limit your number of targets. The main reason most people struggle professionally and personally is simply a lack of focus. – Become an authority on what you do. Read one hour a day about your subject for five years and you will rise to the top five  percent in your field. – Create a strategic plan. Overcome a lack of direction with this powerful tool. A masterfully written plan is confidence on paper. – Doubt your doubts. Instead of questioning your dreams, question your uncertainties. Change starts from the inside; and with THE CONFIDENCE SOLUTION, Johnson helps readers transform their inner thoughts in order to yield more concrete results in their lives.

About Keith Johnson the author:

Keith Johnson has dedicated the past fifteen years to training leaders around the world on how to increase their confidence and maximize their effectiveness. He is the founder and CEO of Keith Johnson International, through which he speaks to hundreds of entrepreneur groups, church assemblies, and business organizations each year. THE CONFIDENCE SOLUTION is a Tarcher Master Mind Edition. Created to inspire, instruct, and motivate, the series showcases books that focus on a specific and essential life skill. Get The Confidence Solution Book or Read a recent post about How To Build Confidence.