3 Keys to Maintain Confidence

3 – Keys on How to Maintain Confidence When a Tsunami Kisses the Shores of Your Life By Keith Johnson, America’s #1 Confidence Coach A tsunami shows up on the shores fast, hits hard, destroys what it touches and takes you by surprise leaving you with the decision of what to do next. Have you been blind-sided by the current economical tsunami? Has a negative event happened in your personal or professional life that has devastated everything you have worked hard to build over the years? Are you are facing a type of tsunami in your marriage or an important relationship? If so, help has arrived! In a fast-changing, insecure, unpredictable world, your confidence will not stay high automatically. If you are not careful, your confidence can change as quickly as your feelings change. You can feel like a champion one moment and then feel like a chump the next just by receiving a negative text message from a colleague or family member. Having a clear understanding of how to psychologically handle the changing events and circumstances in your life empowers you to maintain control in unpredictable times, reduce your stress, and produce the positive outcomes that you desire.

How do you maintain your confidence when faced with a crisis?

I first heard an initial insight on how events and reactions shape our outcomes at a Jack Canfield seminar. I adapted that insight into my own formula. Here is the formula I use with many of my coaching clients: 3 – Keys on “Maintaining Confidence” E + (C +R) = O E is Events—You cannot control events. A Tsunami will touch the shores of your life or business. Throughout the day, you see, hear, and experience positive and negative events. C is Confidence Level—Your confidence level determines whether you see the events in a positive or negative light. Is the challenge you face a problem or an opportunity? R is Reaction—Your confidence level determines whether you react negatively (-) or positively (+) to the event you are facing. O is Outcome—Your outcomes in life are going to be either positive or negative depending on your reaction to the events you see, hear, or experience throughout the day. A client of mine, let’s call him Dave, experienced a “tsunami” when he was attacked by one of his colleagues at work. This person vented her frustration and anger to my client’s superiors about his inability to solve a problem. This work crisis had plunged him into depression and a serious lack of confidence. After he shared with me the experience and his reaction, I shared this formula with him. “Dave, where is your confidence (C) right now after this event (E)?” “It’s in the dirt, Keith.” I responded, “Your events (E) are beyond your control, but your confidence (C) and your reaction (R) to the events (E) are well within your control. If you lack confidence and react negatively, then the outcome (O) will be frustration, depression, and a growing lack of confidence.” “How can I change that?” Dave asked. “Your confidence level can change if your perspective on the events changes. See the events as opportunities, not as problems. You have an opportunity to solve the problem and become a hero instead of a failure at work. Instead of defending yourself, attacking the colleague who attacked you, or making excuses, choose a confident, positive reaction,” I said. We then discussed the options and opportunities he had to solve the problem. His confidence and perception of his abilities began to strengthen as he talked. Seizing on the best solutions to his work crisis, he formulated a plan and presented it confidently (C) to his superiors, reacting (R) positively instead of becoming angry about the events (E) or defensive about his previous mistakes. The outcome (O) equaled success. His superiors were impressed with his reaction and his solutions. They promoted him and demoted his attacker. This led to other promotions and success in his job and other opportunities beyond his work. Remember the 3 – Keys on “Maintaining Confidence”formula. When events happen (E), you can add (+) to them your positive confidence and reaction (C+R) thus creating (=) an outcome (O) that bring success and increase in your self-confidence. Again, here’s the formula: E + (C+R) = O.

Confidence Coaching Solution:

Confidence empowers you to take control of your circumstances rather than allowing the circumstances to control you. This current global economic crisis has affected many people. Some people, banks, car dealers, and businesses have greatly benefited from this crisis. The question is: are you falling into the trap of the negativity of the events that have happened, or are you staying confident and having the right response to this crisis so you can produce a great outcome? If you do not like the current outcomes that you are experiencing in your personal life or business, you have two decisions to make: 1. You can blame the negative events for the negative outcomes. 2. You can maintain your confidence and change your responses to the event until you get the outcomes you desire. Since the negative news reports started rushing in at the end of 2007, my thoughts have been as follows: This event is going to help me grow my business. People are going to need the message of confidence and success now more than ever. I maintained my confidence, responded to this event in a positive way, and for the past two years I have had great years, and next year is promising to be even greater. I live in the beautiful, sunny state of Florida, so I wear my sunglasses almost everywhere I go. Sometimes I forget to take off my sunglasses when I go into a restaurant or the mall. Occasionally, somebody will ask me, “Why do you have your sunglasses on inside the building?” I always respond by saying, “It’s because my future looks so bright I need sunglasses to block the glare.” The question you must ask yourself during times of economic challenges: Am I focusing on Recession or Abundance? What do you see? Recession or Abundance? What are you talking? Recession or Abundance? How are you acting? Recession or Abundance? What are you preparing for? Recession or Abundance? Where your focus goes, your energy flows and your results show! Wanting To Read More? Learn How To Save Money & Check Out New Leadership Books.