Your Confidence Engine

“Drivers, start your engines!” A stock car, dragster, or high production car has great potential. However, until the engine starts, the car cannot operate at its full potential. The horsepower of the engine determines the car’s top speed and how quickly it can accelerate from a dead stop.

Confidence is the fuel that empowers you to maximize your performance, potential, and profits. Most people’s internal engines are totally shut down. Just like a race car, the only way to achieve the engine’s extraordinary performance is to begin by starting the engine.

Every person is born with an internal engine designed to run on the fuel of confidence. Our childhood environment, the models exemplified before us, and the words that were spoken to us have either disabled our engines with negativity or fueled us with confidence.

When I was seventeen years of age, my grandpa helped me buy a 1969 Ford Galaxie convertible with a 390 engine. I loved to jump into that car, start the engine, slam down the accelerator, and peel out in a cloud of smoke and burning rubber. After about a year of driving the car, I noticed the engine was not performing very well. Black smoke was coming out of the rear muffler. The car didn’t peel out when I floored the accelerator; it poked along.

“Do you know what is wrong with my car?” I asked Grandpa.

“When was the last time you changed the oil?” he replied.

“Oil? I didn’t know I had to do that.”

The next day I took my Galaxy to the shop to get an oil change. I watched as the mechanic removed the drain plug and drained the oil that was black and very thick with dirt. After a fresh drink of oil, my car was back in operation. Of course I had to test it by slamming down the accelerator—yep, she was back to normal performance.

Unless protected and maintained regularly, your internal confidence engine tends to attract FUD that limits your life, business, and financial potential. Like a precision, highly certified mechanic, I will help you identify and eliminate the FUD inside your engine so you can accelerate toward your destiny, unleash your potential, and explode your income.

Four Internal Engine Conditions

I’ve discovered that there are four actions needed to restore your confidence to peak performance. You may need to:

  1. Overhaul Your Engine—Your confidence is at an all-time low and you need a total life makeover. This may be easier than you think. I will help you through each step toward transforming your life into one you are excited to live!
  2. Change the Oil—Oil flows through the engine collecting dirt. For the engine to perform at maximum potential, you must change the oil. Sometimes the negative forces of our culture can cause the dirt of fear, uncertainty, and doubt to clog your engine and limit your potential.
  3. Have a Tune-Up—If you have a six-cylinder engine with just one bad spark plug, your engine will not perform at its best. The same is true of your life or business; you can be confident in financial achievements, but unhappy in your relationships. A tune-up will revive your relationship cylinder, which may need a new spark plug to fine-tune your success.
  4. Install a Turbo—You may be a highly confident, successful, and well-balanced person. However, your current horsepower can be supercharged with a turbo so you can go from success to significance, from a dream to leaving a lasting legacy. Or you may be the mechanic who helps others make an oil change or install a turbo—instilling confidence in those who need it.

Examine Your Relationships


Continuing with my automotive analogy, you may find yourself associating with the following types of people:

  • Super-chargers—These are people who have more confidence and success than you have. They know how to accelerate confidence and move out of the pits. They can help you achieve your goals. They have already achieved success and will not be intimidated or jealous because you want the same result.
  • Starters—Positive people who are presently in your life who support you and cause your engine to start when you are around them.
  • Parachutes—These are negative people who drag you down and hold you back. These are people from your past who “remember who you used to be” and want you to stay that way. These people are hard to remove from your life, but to move forward you must cut the parachute’s cord or they will hold you back from accelerating toward your destiny.

You have to cut your ties with Parachutes if you want to be empowered by the Super-chargers and Starters in life. Super-chargers and starters fuel your confidence; hang around them. Parachutes are filled with FUD. Cut them loose. Embrace people with positive, confident attitudes.

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