Your Financial Comeback Battle Plan

7 Step Strategy to Building a New Financial Future

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Have you ever felt like you keep moving from one financial struggle to another? Trust me, I know how you feel. I was $180,000 in credit card debt and spent sleepless nights tossing and turning in my bed under intense financial pressure and stress. 

I had to believe God daily for financial miracles just to make it. I spent countless hours wondering how I was going achieve my God-given dream. I listened to some of the financial gurus but nothings seemed to be working for me. 

The entire world is in FINANCIAL crisis who is it right NOW! Someone said, “We are all in the same storm and in the same boat.” 


We are all in same storm but we aren’t all in the same boat. As a matter of fact we are in different boats. Some are in a little dingy, row boats, fishing boat, cruise ship, or an Aircraft Carrier Battleship.

Some people aren’t even in a dingy, they are floating in a life saving inner tube as the waves of economic crisis has pounded the snot out of them. 

When you are poor or middle-class you actually have little to no control in tough economic times. The waves of the storm are taking you where they want to take you and it’s directly to the cliff of the Niagara Falls. That’s why your confidence has been shaken.

No control = No Confidence

Your Christian cliches aren’t working…

“God is in control.”

“I am just RESTING in God.”

“God’s gonna turn it around.”

“Your breakthrough is coming.”

“We are just a poor and middle-class family but we are happy.”

These are all buzz statements for…

  1. You don’t have any real financial solutions to the problem at hand. 
  2. You are clueless to the fact that you are in an emergency.
  3. You don’t have a financial plan for wealth.
  4. You haven’t grown your financial intelligence. If your “just a” you don’t have to become anything.

Here is the wake up call…Middle-Class is the new poor! 

You are in an emergency! 


Emergency Definition: 

A serious, unexpected, and often dangerous situation requiring immediate action!


The Poor and Middle-Class Enemy…One word – Complacency! They seem to have no sense of urgency to pivot and take new immediate actions. 

I asked on of my Billionaire producing clients what he would say to a group of people in a church gathering about building wealth and he said, 

“Tell them they cannot afford cable TV if they aren’t at least a millionaire yet.”

You are in a financial battle for the future lifestyle you want to live for when you get older. You don’t act the same way in war as you do at peace time. Immediate action is needed not passivity which leads to poverty. 

Everything is against you…

  1. The World System 
  2. Banks and credit card companies
  3. Some Priest, Pastors and Religious Theologians 
  4. Anti-success, wealth, and money cultural mindset
  5. Enemy (John 10:10)

Where are you financially? How much money do you need to enter into your older age financially strong?

Over 50 years old you will need 1.8 million dollars to live a nice life at 100K a year. 

Under 50 years old you will need 3.3 million in the bank. 

42 years old and you retire with 1 million…it will be like making only $19,000 year in today’s money.

32 years old and you retire with 1 Million…you will live below the poverty line. 

7 Step Strategy to Building a New Financial Future

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Disgust – It’s the most powerful emotion you will ever experience to change your financial life. 

You have to get to the place where you say…I have had it! Enough is enough!

I am totally disgusted that I have allowed myself and my family to be in this situation and it will never happen again! NEVER AGAIN is the catalyst you changing your financial future. 

WOW! What a powerful day. The day you get absolutely disgusted.

What you continue to tolerate you cannot change. Tolerate $52K a year…you will never make 100K. Tolerate 100K you will never make 1M. Tolerate a million…never make 1 Billion. 

It’s time for you to draw the line in the sand and say enough is enough. 

Now it’s time to get the next 6 strategies to start your FINANCIAL COMEBACK!


Some have said, “Maybe God doesn’t want me to be financially wealthy?” 

Wrong! The Bible already says Wealth and riches will be in YOUR HOUSE (Psalm 112:2 / 3John 2)!

My question to you…Why not you???

One young man said to me, “I am afraid of who I will become if I get rich.” Wow! You should really check your values because money is only a magnifier. 

Remember, the LION wakes up in the jungle everyday and knows he deserves to eat something delicious. Then he decides to go get it. 

Have you decided?


#1 Reason why most people never get wealthy is because most never even consider it a possibility. 

Life changes in the moment of decision. Life also changes at the SPEED of your decisions. 

Nothing Happens…until you Decide. Decisions are deciding your future, wealth and happiness.

What’s the difference between the Poor and Rich? The Rich decided to become rich and the poor never made that decision yet. I hope you do 😉 

Set a goal to be a multi-millionaire – Not for the $, cars or houses, but for who you will have to “Become to achieve such an honorable goal” 

Have you joined the tribe of the Comfortable…Complacent…Complaining…and Crazies? 

Huge goals increase ambition. Must match our AMBITION to the scale of the CHALLENGE. Small challenges, change nobody. 


Those who are critical of successful and wealthy people have quit on their own dreams and when they look at you they won’t like you because you haven’t quit on yours. 

It’s the price you have to pay to live the abundant life. Embrace it as normal. 

When your DECISIONS are crystal clear…Disruption appears. 

Never shrink your targets because you face a setback. 

You can change your approach but never change the multi-million dollar target. 


How? Pay yourself first! That’s what the rich do. The poor pay their bills first and never have any left over so it becomes impossible to save capital for future opportunities. 

Don’t save for emergency…guess what you will get? An emergency.

Don’t save just to save. Save for opportunities.

Financial Battle Plan Goal – to build a financial empire were you are the master of your money. That money becomes your slave and is working for you. 

See every dollar you save as an employee that can work for you to make you more money for cash flow.

How many employees ($$$) do you have?

How do you guard yourself from the spirit of mammon…you have such a large cash flow of MONEY from assets that it doesn’t control you. 

You know you have Dominion over money when your passion to save becomes greater than your passion to spend. 

Get more excited about putting $1,000 in the bank instead of buying a pair of Gucci shoes.


Stop being a dabbler at what you do. Become the BEST! #1

Experts Formula: Study 1 Hour a Day + 7 Days + 5 Year = Top 2% 

God usually doesn’t promote you to something bigger until you overqualified for where you are. 

Don’t be deceived…Your BEST can get BETTER!!!! 


I use to think my problem was my $180,000 of Debt! I focused on debt and guess what I got? More debt. 

Why? What you focus on tend to magnify. 

New Focus: INCOME!!! 1) Money an 2) Information

How can I strengthen my existing stream and how can I add additional streams.

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