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Being debt free isn’t a prestigious achievement…a 16 year old and a hobo has accomplished that.

Our mistake – we focused on getting out of debt instead of focusing on generating more income.

Law of Concentration – What you focus on magnifies.

Invest what you have [Send/Cast/Throw your bread upon the waters]because after ·a while you will get a return [many days you may find it]Invest what you have in several different businesses [Give a portion to seven, even eight]because you don’t know what ·disasters [evil] might ·happen [L occur in the land]. – Ecclesiastes 11:1-2

Poor – Look for handouts from the Government.

Middle Class – Cut back on spending and shrink lifestyle.

Rich – Create additional streams of income so nothing changes.

Build a Lake of Wealth instead of a Pond of Poverty.

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