Learning To Be A Leader – How To Be A Successful Leader

God wants you to be on top. God desires to move followers from being high maintenance, low impact, low influence, and low income to low maintenance, high impact, high influence, and higher income.

God never intended the church to operate in a survival mentality

We must move beyond a maintenance mentality to a leaders of transformation mentality. Surviving isn’t satisfactory. If you are just surviving and you know God has more for you, you have to transition out of the following mode into the leadership mode. The way to do that is to study and prepare yourself to become a leader. As you begin to grow in servant hood, excellence, knowledge, and understanding, you will start to achieve success, earn more money, and begin to see more power and influence in your life. How do you transition out of follow-ship into leadership? By studying the subject of leadership—this way you become the best at what you do. Leaders are readers. Master’s of Christian Leadership degree at Destiny College (Consider earning your Master’s of Christian Leadership degree at Destiny College.) When you move from being a good follower to a great follower, you become a model or an example for others to follow. Good followers “dabble” at what they do. Great followers become “masters” at what they do. This is your first step toward a leadership lifestyle. As others watch you and are impacted by your example, excellence, coaching, discipling, and good works, your LQ becomes manifested and real. How does one become a butterfly? You must want to fly so much that you are willing to give up being a caterpillar. –Trina Paulus How does one become a leader? You must want to lead so much that you are willing to give up being a follower. Are you ready? STAGE 3 – LEADER • Description of your current circumstances: Success • Your heart’s cry: “I need more time to invest into my leaders!” • Internal Questions: “How successful can we become? Do we need a bigger church, more staff, more marketing, and more etc.? Do we look successful?” • Focus: Positive Self-Centered • Action word to exiting this season: Successor Stage 2 is to be a great follower who models mastery at what you do. However, God doesn’t want His followers to just follow Him; He wants you to eventually become a “fisher of men.” God wants you to become a leader who influences others to do what is right and to do things with excellence. Only a few people (15 percent) reach the level of becoming a leader—but all can become leaders if willing to put in the effort. And the reward for climbing to this level gives you the crown of sweet success. Success is never enough. Once you are at this level, you have to realize you have a good start, but you are not at the top of the mountain yet. And at the same time, you must realize it is not all about success. Leadership is never all about you; it’s about others—preparing and equipping the people around you. You must develop a team who continually reproduces Christ-like leaders long after you graduate to heaven. At this stage, we must be really honest with ourselves and admit that up to this point it has really all been about our own personal achievements, recognition, and desires for personal possessions. It takes a lot of humility and honesty to admit it. We can sometimes be self-deceived because we don’t think we are self-centered. The crown of success feels good for a season, but eventually a person reasons that there must be more. As a leader, you will experience success in life, but God doesn’t want you to stop there. Leaders reproduce leaders. The next step is to produce your successor. Leadership without a successor equals failure. So you are not really a good leader unless you take what is inside you and hand it off to the next generation through reproducing, not cloning. Check out our next leadership video by Clicking Right Here. What did you learn by this post? Please shoot us a comment below!